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Ali Vincent's Workout Challenge

Ali Vicent tries a workout to motivate Bridgette Lewis to keep going, but can Bridgette handle it?

Ali expects Bridgette to push herself when exercising, breaking a sweat to get to the next level.

"In my mind I'm saying this is what I asked for and now it's here, am I going to quit or am I going to keep going?" asks Bridgette.

She kept going and Ali kept pushing, to the point that Bridgette got annoyed with her.

"I'm thinking she's going to give me a little bit of slack, but she wouldn't. And so I had to really dig deep to see what was in there and there is no way that I am going to quit," says Bridgette.

Ali got the impression that Bridgette did not really know what a true workout entailed.

"I just never knew how to work out and so now when she says have you worked out I'll be able to give her a true answer because I thought I was working out," says Bridgette.

It was a good gauge to see where Bridgette was and for her to learn how to take it to the next level.

"I will never quit," says Bridgette.

Bridgette Lewis Overcomes Struggles on Weight Loss Plan

Other segments featured on this episode of Live Big with Ali Vincent:

Bridgette's Live Big Journey
Bridgettes Live Big Journey
It's been two months since Ali Vincent first knocked on Bridgette Lewis' door. Ali returns to Bridgette's home to see how she's doing on the 'Live Big' weight loss plan and fitness routine.
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Personal Trainer Helps Bridgette Lewis with Workout Plan
Personal Trainer Helps Bridgette Lewis with Workout Plan
Ali Vincent introduces Bridgette Lewis, who is on the 'Live Big' weight loss plan, to her new personal trainer. The trainer will help her stay on track and continue to challenge herself.
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Bridgette Lewis Overcomes Barriers
Bridgette Lewis Overcomes Barriers
Bridgette Lewis' new personal trainer, Melissa, gets her running on the treadmill, but she struggles to keep going.
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