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Ali Vincent's Flash Mob Freak Out

Ali Vincent, the first female to win the Biggest Loser, tries to prepare for a flash mob dance, but with a difficult routine, she struggles to learn it in time. Plus, Ali steps on the scale again to reveal her progress towards her weight-loss goals and heads up to her lake house to enjoy some down time with her sister, Amber. And, Ali runs at 10K at Disneyland.
Whenever Ali Vincent is home in Spokane, she enjoys doing something that's close to her heart - volunteering at the Women and Children's Free Restaurant and Community Kitchen.

"What's important to me about being here and helping out is that it's such a needed area within our communities where there is a nutritional gap," says Ali.

Ali explains to the group of women how beneficial it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She also reveals how passionate she is about the kitchen and restaurant atmosphere. In fact, Ali was a server for 15 years, and to this day, she still loves serving.

Once the moms and children finish their nutritious meals, Ali tells them about National Dance Day. As the spokesperson for Pink Lady Apples, Ali has been asked to participate in a flash mob on National Dance Day. Ali is excited but also nervous as she's just discovered she's been learning the wrong dance.

After finishing up at the restaurant, Ali drives her friend Qui and niece Alexis to rehearsals for the flash mob. As Ali is driving, she learns Qui and Alexis have already learned the correct dance and she's freaking out.

"I don't want to be the only one that can't do the dance!" she says.

Ali is feeling unprepared and keeps worrying she's going to hold the group back. They finally arrive in Kennewick, Washington where they will meet another member of the flash mob to rehearse. As rehearsals begin, Ali struggles to learn the dance moves. She's losing confidence in herself and questioning if she should really do the flash mob. Will Ali be ready in time?

It's three hours until the flash mob, and Ali's nerves are getting the best of her. Today, she's meeting the entire dance group for one last rehearsal. As they do a run through of the dance, Ali is intimidated at how well they are performing.

"They're killing me! They're making me look like the old lady." she says. "I thought it was going to be real people like me, not this dance troupe that wins awards."

After many practices, Ali is still having trouble with the counts. The instructor reassures Ali that she will be just fine. She tells Ali to just smile and have fun with it.

Now that rehearsal is over, they're on their way to the Water Follies Boat Races where the flash mob is taking place. The flash mob is minutes away so Ali runs to a nearby tree to practice one last time. Although Ali isn't confident, she knows she can always catch up at the next count. But at the last minute, Ali finds herself forgetting the entire dance!

The flash mob is five minutes away so Ali and the dance squad quickly disperse. While Ali is hiding behind a tree, she forgets the entire dance and starts panicking. The music starts and the flash mob finally begins. There's no turning back now so Ali joins the flash mob with a big smile on her face. While Ali is dancing, she misses a couple of dance moves. She's embarrassed but never stops dancing. Once the song is over, Ali runs.

"I'm so humiliated that I just leave," says Ali. "I don't even think about leaving. I just dart."

Although it was stressful, Ali challenged herself by doing something she would never do.

It's been four months since her last weigh-in, and Ali is back at Dr. Liu's office for another one. Last time, she weighed in at 175 pounds, which made her very upset. She's not looking forward to stepping on the scale again, but when she does, she finds that she's 165.8 pounds, which means she's lost 9.2 pounds since her last weigh-in.

"That's not a lot of weight difference, but I feel completely different in my skin," says Ali."I feel like I'm back."

After all of the anxiety of the flash mob and the weigh-in, it's time for some serious rest and relaxation. This time Ali is going to her lake cabin with friends and family to unwind.

But Ali feels really sick. She has a cold and her sister Amber tells her to take echinacea. Even though Ali refuses, Amber makes sure she takes it immediately. While Ali is feeling a little better now, she wants to go wake boarding but Amber has another idea.

"First, we've got to do Pilates then I'll put my swimsuit on," says Amber.

Amber is a Pilates instructor so she always encourages Ali to get her Pilates in for the day. While Ali is inhaling and exhaling, she keeps snorting really loud.

"It's not easy doing Pilates with a cold. Let me tell ya!" she says.

Ali finally gets to wakeboard. Because she is so busy, she doesn't get many opportunities to do it, so she gets a little scared every time.

"There's always the fear that it's not going to happen, but when it does, it rocks," she says.

In fact, one thing Ali is realizing is that she always has to face her fears. She was scared to do the flash mob, but she still did it. She gets scared every time she wake boards but she always does it.

"I love it," she says. "It's all about embracing life. Otherwise, what's the point?"

Next, Ali is off to Disneyland in California to run two races. Ali's mom, Bette-Sue has come along for support and two of Ali's Live Big besties Dianne Duncan and Jennifer Tellers are running the race with her today. After finishing the 10k, the ladies are overjoyed. It was certainly a great day for a Disney race.

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Segment 1
Ali Vincent Prepares for Flash Mob
Ali Vincent Prepares for Flash Mob
Ali Vincent returns home to serve moms and kids at a charity event. Plus, Ali's supposed to participate in a flash mob representing Pink Lady Apples, but will she be able to learn the dance in time?
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Segment 2
Ali Vincent Struggles to Learn Flash Mob Dance
Ali Vincent Struggles to Learn Flash Mob Dance
With three hours until the flash mob, Ali's nerves are getting the best of her. She can't remember the dance and fears she'll humiliate herself in front of the crowd.
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Segment 3
Ali Vincent Forgets Flash Mob Dance
Ali Vincent Forgets Flash Mob Dance
Just minutes before she's supposed to perform, Ali can't remember any of the dance she's learned for the flash mob. Watch what happens as she decides to perform anyway.
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Segment 4
Ali Vincents Third Weigh In
Ali Vincent's Third Weigh In
At her last weigh-in at the doctor's office, Ali Vincent weight 175 pounds. Four months later, she steps on the scale again. Will she have made progress toward her weight-loss goal or gained even more?
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Segment 5
Ali Vincent Wakeboards at her Lake House
Ali Vincent Wakeboards at her Lake House
Ali's gone up to her house on the lake for some rest and relaxation, where she does Pilates with her sister Amber and gets out on the water on her wakeboard. Then she's off to Disneyland to run a 10K.
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Photos: Ali's Flash Mob Appearance
Ali Vincent, the first female to win The Biggest Loser, makes an appearance in a flash mob.
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