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Ali Vincent's 3rd Dopey Race: the Half-Marathon

Ali Vincent's 3rd Dopey Race: the Half-Marathon

Ali's getting nervous about whether or not she can finish the Dopey Challenge, as she begins her third race, a half-marathon, and worries about her fourth, a full marathon. Can she push foward and finish, or will it be too much?

Ali Vincent is in Orlando, Florida, for the Dopey Challenge, a new Run Disney event at Walt Disney World. It's four races in four days that cover a total of 48.6 miles! Day one is a 5K, day two is a 10K, day three is a half marathon, and day four is a full marathon.

On day one of the Dopey Challenge Ali is very happy to be running the 5K with her mom Bette-Sue. Bette-Sue makes it very clear that she is only doing the 5K and she won't be doing any of the other races. As they wait at the start line Bette-Sue is not too sure if she's ready to do the 5K, but once the race starts she's off and running.

During the race they stick to a strategy of walking for five minutes and running for one minute. Bette-Sue might have been nervous about the run but she still manages to cross the finish line with Ali as a light rain starts falling. Ali is very proud of her mom for pushing herself and completing the race.

"I'm amazed by my mom right now. I can't believe that not only did she do a 5K, but she pushed herself further than she could go," says Ali.

After catching their breath, Ali and Bette-Sue walk over to receive their medals. This is Bette-Sue's first ever medal for completing a race.

"Medals matter because they're a remembrance, and then you never forget," says Bette-Sue. "It's like childbirth."

With the 5K completed, Ali has three more races to go in the Dopey Challenge, but instead of resting up she's off to a TV. appearance at the Live Well affiliate in Orlando. After taping a brief segment for a local show, Ali then goes to speak at the Run Disney expo followed by a meet and greet. After Ali finishes her work at the expo, she notices Bette-Sue getting a "stick" massage at an expo booth. She's a little surprised at first but once she sees how much her mom is enjoying the massage, Ali decides to stop for one too.

The next day the Dopey Challenge continues with the 10K. Ali isn't too nervous about this race but she is worried about what comes after the 10K: the half marathon and full marathon. After finishing the 10K and getting her second medal of the challenge, it's finally time for a little fun.

"Right now, a reasonable person would go to the hotel and take a shower and take a nap, but I'm not doing that," says Ali. "I'm going to the park with mom."

Ali and her mom head to Disney's Animal Kingdom to go on a roller coaster, but as they step on the ride, Bette-Sue starts getting a little nervous. When the ride is over, Ali and her mom go to look at their picture from the ride and laugh when they see their faces. After enjoying their time at the park, Ali and her mom head back to their hotel room where Ali touches up Bette-Sue's hair color, a reminder that Ali is a hairdresser.

"She does need to rest, but you know, my roots were really out," says Bette-Sue.

The next morning is day three, race three of the Dopey Challenge. Ali feels a panic set in when she realizes that she must complete a half marathon, 13.1 miles, today and then a 26.2 mile full marathon tomorrow. As Ali waits at the starting line, she gets a chance to say hello to Chris and Heidi Powell from the Extreme Weight Loss show, then the half marathon finally begins. As Ali runs along the course Bette-Sue is in the Magic Kingdom at mile five, waiting for Ali, but Ali doesn't want to chat.

"It's making me lose my groove and it feels so heavy to get started again," says Ali.

Bette-Sue is a little hurt by the fact that she's just trying to support Ali but at the same time she might be making it harder for Ali to complete the race. Bette-Sue doesn't want to slow Ali down anymore so she gives her a kiss and Ali is off and running again. After many more miles of walking and running, Ali finally crosses the finish line. She is completely exhausted from the half marathon and worried because she knows that she has a full marathon to run the very next day.

"The thought of doing this twice tomorrow makes me want to cry," says Ali. "I'm just scared for tomorrow. I don't want to do tomorrow. My biggest fear is that I'm not going to finish."

Next stop for Ali is the massage tent where she gets special treatment for her aching muscles from a trained masseuse. After the massage, Ali and her mom go back to the hotel room where Ali prepares an ice bath. An ice bath is a great recovery method for anyone who has done any kind of strenuous physical activity. Ali slowly gets ready to sit in the freezing water as Bette-Sue looks on. Once Ali finally gets into the ice water, Bette-Sue adds more ice and Ali screams. Bette-Sue laughs it off as Ali shivers in the freezing water.

The fourth day of the Dopey Challenge is finally here, and Ali's body is exhausted. Ali knows she has to keep a certain pace in order to finish before the cutoff time. "I don't know if I'm going to finish," says Ali. "I honestly don't know if I'm going to finish." Once the race starts, Bette-Sue gives Ali some encouragement as she takes off from the starting line. As Ali runs along the 26.2 mile course, her mom gets on a bus to go meet Ali at another point along the route. Bette-Sue is freezing in the early morning cold, so she has a hot chocolate and a donut while she waits for Ali. However, Bette-Sue ate more of the donut than she should have and she feels like she needs to throw up.

After Bette-Sue gets through her nauseous feeling, she cheers her daughter on again when Ali passes her at the half way point of the marathon. Since Ali still has over 10 miles to go in the marathon, Bette-Sue relaxes for a while in the comfort of the media tent.

It has now been over six hours since Ali started the marathon and she is pushing herself to finish before the cutoff time. Bette-Sue eventually heads over to the finish line to be there when Ali arrives and cheers her on when she finally approaches. Ali is completely exhausted and she vows to never do another marathon, but she is elated to know that she successfully completed the Dopey Challenge. It was four days that covered a grueling 48.6 miles, but in the end it was well worth it for Ali.

"I'm officially the first Loser that's Dopey!" says Ali.

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