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Ali Vincent Steps on Scale and Reveals Her Weight Gain

Ali Vincent steps on a scale in front of a camera for the first time since she won The Biggest Loser. Watch this honest and emotional chapter in her ongoing struggle with her weight.
"How much do you weigh?"

Ali Vincent gets asked this question all the time. She used to dance around the question and wouldn't give a straight answer, until now.

When Ali first went on The Biggest Loser, she admitted how much she weighed for the first time in years. She was mortified as millions of people saw that she was 234 pounds. It was really difficult for Ali to reveal herself to the world, but it was what Ali needed to get her weight, and her life, back on track.

"I needed to make a change, and admitting my weight was the first step toward that change," said Ali.

After months of diet and grueling exercise, Ali stayed determined and eventually won. As the first female to win the Biggest Loser, lost 112 pounds.

Ali trained so hard because this show was a competition and she wanted to win, but Ali lost so much weight and at such a fast pace that it was actually unhealthy for her body. She trained so hard that she lost her menstrual cycle.

But through winning the Biggest Loser, Ali gave the world permission to always ask about her weight. Today, many people can see that Ali has gained some weight back, and some people have been very critical of her. She's had some ups and downs in the past few years and the weight is slowly creeping up on her. But does it really matter how much Ali weighs, or how much anyone weighs? Isn't it more important to be active, healthy and happy?

"I ran 13 half marathons last year," says Ali. "The doctor has given me a clean bill of healthy. I'm healthy."

For the first time since winning The Biggest Loser, Ali is stepping back on a scale in front of the cameras. Ali is revealing her weight to the world once again so she can get herself back to where she used to be. This new season of Live Big with Ali Vincent is full of great people, stories and inspiration.

It's time for Ali Vincent to face one of her biggest fears  stepping on a scale in front of a camera. She heads to Dr. Liu's office to finally find out just how much she's gained.

"It's been five years since I won, and I've seen myself gain at least five pounds a year," says Ali. "I think since I passed my five year anniversary, you know, people always says 'if you can just keep it off for five years, you'll be fine.' I'm stuck in the middle."

Reluctantly, Ali finally steps on the scale. After seeing how much she weighs, it's difficult for Ali to even say the number: 167.6 pounds. She gained over 45 pounds in 6 years. But in the expert opinion of Dr. Liu, Ali is at a good weight for her height, 5'5", and she's actually thinner than most Americans today. Ali also has her body fat measured, which is around 20 percent, which Dr. Liu believes is a good number for Ali.

Ali sets a goal of 130 pounds, but Dr. Liu wonders if that's realistic. He says Ali is being very hard on herself about her weight gain.

"I think that people expect me to be less," says Ali. "Honestly, right now, I have a lot of shame attached to my weight."

However, Ali's visit to Dr. Liu's was a good experience for her. Now she's ready to get her body back in shape and her weight back under control. As Ali knows, one of the best ways to help yourself is to communicate your feelings to others. At a Live Big group workout in Seattle, Ali speaks with some fans about her recent struggles.

"I kind of just beared it all, and it felt good," says Ali. "To be able to talk about it is liberating."

She might have taken a few steps back recently in her own journey, but finally opening up about it again has helped push her back in the right direction.

Back in Los Angeles, it's time for a Live Big challenge, but it's not the typical challenge that Ali is used to. The Live Big producers won't even give Ali the address. They're just giving her directions as she drives. As she gets closer to the location, Ali realizes where she's going: Dr. Liu's office. Ali is not ready to have a second weigh in to see if she's made any progress. In fact, Ali knows that she's gained even more weight!

"I'm not ready. I don't want to get on the scale," says Ali. "I'm feeling upset. I'm feeling mad. My cheeks are on fire. I feel like I'm going to cry."

Ali really doesn't want to get on the scale, but she knows she has no other choice. Finally she steps up to weigh herself and the number on the scale reads 175 pounds.

As bad as it was for Ali at her last weigh in, she's gained almost eight more pounds since then. This is a big wake up call for Ali.

"Lately, I look in the mirror and I just see fat. I feel like a big hunk of blub," says Ali. "It just feels terrible to feel like I've disappointed people. I've mostly disappointed myself."

Although she is really upset by her weight, she knows it's time to take action and come up with a plan to get back to where she wants to be. Her mom wants her to take diet pills or get surgery so that weight isn't such an issue, but Ali doesn't want to do that. Her goal in the next four months is to lose between 35 and 40 pounds.

After Ali's wakeup call on the scale at Dr. Liu's office, Live Big resumes with another challenge for Ali and her mom, Bette-Sue. This time Bette-Sue drives them to the mystery location and when they arrive, mother and daughter find themselves at the L.A. County Fair. Their mission for the day: find healthy, low calorie food at the fair. Can they do it?

Ali and her mom know that the fair features a lot of deep fried foods. Despite their goal of finding healthy food today, Bette-Sue is hoping to try a deep fried Twinkie for the first time, much to Ali's dismay.

"I thought you wanted to lose 15 pounds," Ali says to Bette-Sue.

"I do," she replies.

"Then why do you want to eat the deep fried twinkie?" she asks.

"I just want to taste it because I never had one," says Bette-Sue.

As Ali goes for the healthier option of chicken kabob skewers and corn on the cob without butter, the guy at the fair booth slips Bette-Sue her deep fried twinkie. She has a bite, and she loves it.

Ali and her mom continue walking through the fair looking at all the different things to eat. Ali finds that they don't make it easy to eat healthy at the fair, but Ali also realizes that there are some good choices here. Ali notices one of the food stands selling something she's never had before: a pizza salad. It seems like a good choice to Ali. With a few substitutions and changes to the way they prepare the pizza salad, Ali has a great, tasty low calorie meal. Even Bette-Sue enjoys it.

After enjoying their food, it's time for a little fun. Ali notices a large swinging ride called G-Force. Bette-Sue resists at first but surprisingly Ali is able to convince her mom to go on the ride with her.

"It's hard to say no to Ali," Bette-Sue says.

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Segment 1
Ali Vincent Admits her Struggle with Weight Gain Since the Biggest Loser
Ali Vincent Admits her Struggle with Weight Gain Since the Biggest Loser
Since she won the Biggest Loser five years ago, Ali knows she's gained weight, but she hasn't wanted to admit to anyone how much. Now, she's deciding to be honest about her weight gain and make a goal to shed some pounds.
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Segment 2
Ali Vincents First Public Weigh In Since the Biggest Loser
Ali Vincent's First Public Weigh In Since the Biggest Loser
Ali Vincent steps on the scale at her doctor's office and doesn't like the number she sees. Watch Ali's emotional response and her plan to get back on track with her heathly lifestyle.
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Segment 3
Ali Vincents Emotional Reaction to her Second Weigh In
Ali Vincent's Emotional Reaction to her Second Weigh In
After her first weigh in revealed she'd gained a lot of weight since winning the Biggest Loser, Ali's producers surprise her with a second weigh in, just a few weeks after the first, where she learns she's gained even more than before.
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Segment 4
Ali Vincent Tries to Find Healthy Food at the L.A. County Fair
Ali Vincent Tries to Find Healthy Food at the L.A. County Fair
With her new weight loss goals in mind, Ali Vincent and her mom Bette-Sue head to the L.A. County fair, where food like deep fried twinkies abounds. Watch as Ali tries to search for something she can eat that won't derail her weight loss goals.
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Go behind the scenes as Ali Vincent gets on the scale for the first time since winning The Biggest Loser.
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