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Ali Vincent Shares Her Struggles with Weight Gain

Ali Vincent heads to Seattle, Washington, to appear on King TV and host a group workout in the park. She gives advice to her fans and confesses about her on struggles to stay healthy after the Biggest Loser.

Ali promotes the show with an appearance on King TV. She tells of her experience on the Biggest Loser and encourages viewers to come out to Kerry Park for a group workout that she's hosting.

During Ali's group workout, she decides to divide the group up into five stations, with different exercises at each station. Ali makes sure that everyone is having a good time, but at their own pace. After a great workout, Ali gives her fans an opportunity to ask questions. During the Q&A, Ali makes confesses that she's gained 30 pounds since she was on the Biggest Loser, and while she's still within a healthly weight gain, she sometimes struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle since after gain winning the show.

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