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Ali Vincent Makes Bette-Sue Ride the G Force

Ali and her mom, Bette-Sue, are exploring the L.A. County Fair, and Ali convinces her mom to ride the G Force. Will it be fun and exciting or downright nauseating? The duo also samples bacon-flavored cotton candy.

During a visit to the L.A. County Fair, Ali Vincent convinces her mom, Bette-Sue to go on a large swinging ride called the G force. Bette-Sue dislikes going on rides but she's being a good sport by joining Ali.

"I convinced my mom to go on this ride with me. I don't know how, but I did it, and we're going," says Ali.

As the ride starts, Bette-Sue screams in total fear and immediately regrets her decision. Without a doubt, Ali and her mom hated every second of the ride.

"It was horrible. I didn't know it was going to be like that. I thought it was going to be fun but it was so scary and then it wouldn't stop," says Ali.

Ali feels bad that her mom got sick, so they take a small break at a nearby bench. While Bette-Sue is in the bathroom, Ali notices a swing ride she knows she'll enjoy. She decides to go on it by herself and loves every second of it.

After a much needed rest, Bette-Sue is feeling a little better and Ali sees another ride that mom might like. It's called the Timber Mountain Slide, where you have to climb a set of stairs to the top of the ride. Ali is thrilled and makes her way up. But Bette-Sue on the other hand, is reluctant to participate. Stairs are Bette-Sue's nemesis and ever since her experience with all the stairs at Universal Studios last season, she's certainly not a fan. Nevertheless, Bette-Sue reaches the top at her own pace and they enjoy a friendly competition to see who slides down the fastest.

After a fun slide ride with mom, Ali decides they deserve a treat. While she's still watching her calories Ali also believes in trying new foods in moderation. They see a sign that reads, "The newest food sensation! Bacon Cotton Candy!" and walk towards the stand.

However, after tasting it, Ali and Bette-Sue are utterly disgusted that they immediately spit it out.

"I hated it. It tasted wrong, like gross," says Ali.

Then a Live Big Producer gives Ali her next challenge: a bungee jump. She sees the giant metal crane way up in the sky and immediately gets nervous.

"You have to jump from there? I don't want to jump!" she says.

Will Ali take the challenge or will she be too afraid?

Ali's producer says she's allowed to say no to this challenge, but even though she doesn't want to jump, she doesn't want to say no either.

"I want to do this kind of stuff. I want to live my life and not be afraid," says Ali.

Once Ali commits to bungee jumping, the instructor tells Ali that she'll be jumping off from 130 feet in the air. He then weighs Ali not once but twice for safety measures. This time, Ali isn't fearful of showing her weight on camera. She's told everyone how much she weighs, so Ali is okay with it.

"I'm not as fearful to step on the scale because I want to make sure they have the right suspension so I don't die," she says.

As Ali is being strapped in to bungee jump, she starts to get nervous. She steps into the cage and the crane slowly starts lifting her up higher and higher. Although Ali is terrified to jump, she knows it's not too late to call it quits. Will she take the plunge?

As Ali is 130 feet in the air, she's panicking. Ali continues to scream really loud and even starts to cry. While Ali is having second thoughts, Bette-Sue and the crowd loudly cheer her on to jump. The instructor, who is with Ali, tries to make her feel better by saying, "It's just another ride" but it's making things worse.

Ali is starting to get frustrated, but she reminds herself why she's doing this in the first place.

"Nothing is impossible. I can do this," says Ali.

Everyone is cheering her on and Ali finally makes a decision. She's ready to jump. The announcer counts her down, and Ali takes one last deep breath and jumps from 130 feet in the air.

After an unbelievable experience, Ali is overwhelmed and she breaks down. The Live Big producer asks her why she's crying.

"I haven't felt this scared in like I don't even remember when," she says.

Even though Ali was afraid to bungee jump, she did it. By doing this ultimate Live Big challenge, Ali learned a valuable lesson. Letting go may be hard but trusting that everything is going to be okay is totally worth it. "It's the hardest thing to let go," says Ali. "You just have to trust that it's going to work out."

Next, Ali visits Live Big participants Jorge Sierra and Mercedes Castro Miller.

When Ali first met Jorge, he was a prisoner of his own body, once tipping the scales at almost 500 pounds. After six months of hard work, Jorge lost an astounding 54 pounds but he continued to struggle.

At 411 pounds, Mercedes was desperate to stop the cycle of unhealthy eating. Ali set her up with a trainer and she shed some pounds but like Jorge, Mercedes continued to struggle.

At the Live Big season premiere party, Jorge and Mercedes first met. They've been inspiring each other ever since and now they're doing a 5k Graffiti Run in Pomona, California. They are also joined by fellow Live Bigger Nicole Lizarrago and Mercedes husband, Ryan.

Before the race begins, Jorge expresses how excited and ready he is to start.

"We've been training for some time, so I'm ready for it," says Jorge.

Mercedes, on the other hand, keeps worrying that she'll be the last one to finish.

"I tried to do a 5K a few years ago, and I ran maybe a quarter of it and I freaked out and came back," she says.

With her husband and friends by her side, Mercedes finishes the race and has a great 5K experience. By motivating each other, Jorge and Mercedes set a goal and triumphed together.

For more information on the Graffiti Run, visit

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Ali Vincent Faces Her Fears While Bungee Jumping

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