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Ali Vincent Checks Out Dancing with the Stars Pro Cheryl Burke's 'Dance Yourself Slim' Plan

Over the past few seasons of Dancing with the Stars, we have seen celebrities lose weight and transform their bodies. But you don't have to be a celebrity; you can do it right from home with Health Magazine's 'Dance Yourself Slim' plan. Ali Vincent, the first female to win The Biggest Loser, takes on the fitness challenge on an upcoming episode of Live Big with Ali Vincent.

Health Magazine has teamed up Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke to create a workout that everyone can do.

"Dance is like a huge thing right now. What I did with Health Magazine is show them some moves that are really easy and simple that makes you burn lots of calories and really tone up your body at the same time," said Cheryl Burke, Dancing with the Stars.

After you're done with your dance workout, you need to refill your body with healthy foods. Cynthia Sass with Health Magazine has developed an eating plan to go along with Cheryl Burke's 'Dance Yourself Slim' workout.

"When you workout, even dancing, you put wear and tear on your body. And, it is really healing that stress that is going to make you more fit and more toned and give you the most out of your workout," said Cynthia.

Cynthia shares three post recovery workout snacks and Cheryl shows us how to 'Dance Yourself Slim' on an all new episode of Live Big with Ali Vincent Saturday, April 13 at 5:30p/4:30c on the Live Well Network.

For more information on the 'Dance Yourself Slim' plan visit

How are you doing on the 'Dance Yourself Slim' plan? Share your experience with Ali on her Facebook page,, and on her Twitter page,

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