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Ali Pushes Carmen to Finish Half Marathon

Ali Pushes Carmen to Finish Half Marathon

Time is running out at the Disneyland half marathon, but Ali is determined that Carmen is going to finish.

Ali started off her Run Disney experience by running a 10K with Dianne and Jennifer. The experience was very uplifting for Ali, who really needed a boost after receiving some negative emails about her struggles with her weight. The mean comments have really gotten her down.

"Some people have been really mean lately, and I'm just trying the best that I can," says Ali.

Ali's mom, Bette-Sue, has seen how she's been struggling.

"I watch how hard it is for her when she's struggling with her own stuff and her weight," says Bette-Sue. "I'm kind of mad. I feel like I need to beat up some people who have been mean to her."

But her run with the girls has her feeling positive again.

"I just have to find a way to really love myself, regardless of anything else," says Ali.

Now, Ali's getting ready to run a half marathon tomorrow with Live Big participant Carmen Martinez, who is ready for a fitness challenge that's going to push her beyond her limits. Carmen has been working hard to make healthy changes in her life and has been training for the race, but she's still nervous.

"I'm excited for her. I'm nervous for her," says Ali. "We have been working on her running times because in Disney, there is a time limit. You have to get there before a certain time."

Also running the half marathon is Joey Fatone from the Live Well Network's My Family Recipe Rocks. Not only is Ali inspired to keep going by just running with her girls, but Ali's mom Bette-Sue is also cheering them on.

The girls get started running, with fans cheering them on from the sidelines.

As she waits at certain points along the marathon route, she takes pictures with fans who ask her about Ali. Bette-Sue is at the marathon to cheer them on but she gets a little worried because she saw Dianne and Jennifer pass by but she hasn't seen Ali or Carmen. Finally, Ali and Carmen show up around mile four of the half marathon and Bette-Sue is relieved.

Carmen is struggling to keep going. Ali wants to pick up the pace because she's afraid they might not make the cut off time. Carmen is exhausted, but Ali is determined that they're going to keep going.

"I don't care if I have to push her like how I pushed my mom that first day on The Biggest Loser," says Ali. "She might need to get some bandaids prepared because we are crossing that finish line."

Carmen starts to feel dizzy, so the slow to a walk for a bit and get some energy gel from another runner to help her keep going. Carmen's back hurts, and she's having a hard time, but she's continuing on. Part of the route goes through the Angel Stadium baseball field where Carmen is happy to see her husband Jorge and their two daughters. It's an emotional boost that helps Carmen keep running, but although she has a smile on her face, she's still in a lot of pain.

They've passed the 10 mile point, but Ali is a little worried that they might not make it in time. Carmen's still struggling, but she's motivated to keep going.

"You know, when we started this, I couldn't even go around the school playground, much less dream about this," says Carmen. "I'm still 243 pounds, but I'm getting it done."

The thought of seeing her family at the finish line keeps Carmen going and she's very excited to be near the end.

After working so hard for so long, Carmen reaches the finish line with Ali and she gets a big hug from Ali's mom. She might have struggled and taken a long time, but she finished the race and earned a shiny Disneyland Half Marathon medal. She also learned a lot about herself along the way. Now she can't wait to find her family and hug them.

Carmen is looking for her husband Jorge and their two daughters. Finally she spots them and gets big hugs from her whole family. They're all very proud of her, including Ali and Bette-Sue of course.

"He was so proud of her," says Bette-Sue. "It was just so tender. It was so sweet."

"I know she always had it in her," says Carmen's husband, Jorge. "She was kind of doubting herself at the beginning, but she's a strong woman."

After the emotion and excitement of the half marathon, it's time for a Live Big Challenge for Ali and Bette-Sue. Blind folded, the Live Big producers lead them outside for the challenge. They have no idea what to expect, but once the blind folds are removed, mother and daughter are shocked to see that they are going to compete against each other in sumo wrestling!

The comedy ensues as Ali and her mom struggle to put on the large, uncomfortable sumo suits while a hot sun beats down on them. Just trying to get into the sumo ring is difficult for Ali but even more challenging for Bette-Sue.

Once round one starts, Bette-Sue employs a sneaky strategy. Ali might call it cheating, but Bette-Sue manages to win round one. The next round is a different story. After Bette-Sue's "play dead" strategy, Ali takes no chances and wins round two. She keeps up her fierce wrestling to win round three as well. Bette-Sue just shrugs.

"Oh well," she says. "Another day, another sumo."

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