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Ali Goes to Pre-School

Ali Goes to Pre-School

The United States has the highest rate of obesity world-wide and children are joining the numbers at an alarming rate. Overweight kids are likely to become overweight adults so Ali wants to start getting young kids excited about health and fitness.

Statistics show that 12.5 million kids are clinically obese and it's not something that they'll outgrow. It's important to develop good habits early so Ali is spending some time with a group of pre-schoolers to teach them some healthy habits.

"I am really excited about it because I love kids but I know they have lots of energy," she says. "I am going to talk to them about calories and vegetables and what it means to be fat and skinny and healthy. I don't even know if they know these words. Let alone what it means."

As we all know, kids have a very short attention span and Ali doesn't quite get the captivating audience she was expecting but she was able to share some of her knowledge about food and staying healthy.

"That was an experience I won't soon forget!" says Ali.

A recent study found that parents have a tougher time talking about weight than they do talking about sex, drugs and alcohol.

"To make sure your child has a positive relationship with food, keep healthy food around, put it on counter tops so it's easy to see and grab, always praise healthy choices, and never use food a reward!" Ali says.

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