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Alexandra Epstein Expecting Baby

Alexandra Epstein Expecting Baby

Alexandra Epstein is still doing what she can to Live Big. She sat down with Ali Vincent to share some exciting news -- she is pregnant!

When Ali first met Alexandra Epstein, she was this newlywed, madly in love with her husband, but not too thrilled with her body. She had gotten to the point where she couldn't stand to see herself in the mirror.

When she reached out and Ali came knocking on her door!

Ali helped her get on track with exercise and healthy eating. Pretty soon, Alexandra was on her way to living big! Now, she's got something big to share!

"I've, finally after trying for a long time, my husband and I are having a baby," said Alexandra.

Over the morning sickness hump, she is in into a glowing good feeling now.

When she got to that smooth sailing point her doctor told her to keep it reasonable, eat what her body was saying that you should eat.

When she craved a banana split, she ate a plain banana with a sugar-free chocolate pudding.

"Oh heaven," says Alexandra.

Considering how much work she put in to losing weight, she didn't want to just throw it all back on just because she was having a baby.

"I want to be the kind of mom that my little girl uh, looks up to and wants to be like you know," she said. "One of the humongous things we've talked about and it's actually come from this experience, has been healthy and active, those parents that take their kids hiking and takes their, takes their kids out and doesn't sit in front of the T.V. and do those things so it's changed. It's been a whole shift."

Ali caught up with Alexandra one more time, just as she reached full-term in her pregnancy! One hitch was that she had to cut out exercise.

The hardest part of the pregnancy has been being on modified bed rest, not being able to be as active as she was used to being. She never thought she would say it, but she genuinely was envious of her friends that were going running and doing all these active things.

"As soon as I'm cleared to start working out, I'm going to start working out again and we're planning to do a half-marathon in January and the full marathon next year," she said.

"You know that your body's going to change. You're going to put on weight that you've worked so hard to lose. But the truth is, is that when you have your baby and when you're done with the whole process, you can get back into that shape but you just have an addition to your family that is worth everything. It's worth every bit of it."

Ali couldn't be happier for Alexandra!

Three things that she hope you take away from this episode:

No. 1: Keep up with your healthy lifestyle. It's even more important now that you're pregnant because both your health and your baby's health depend on it!

No. 2: Be ready for a change because that's what being pregnant is all about. And remember, change is what got you this far, so embrace it!

No. 3: Teach your baby to Live Big from the start! If you raise your baby with a healthy lifestyle, he or she can have a whole life time of living big!

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