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Ali Vincent's Dopey Challenge: 4 Races, 4 Days, 48.6 Miles
Ali Vincents Dopey Challenge: 4 Races, 4 Days, 48.6 Miles
Ali Vincent is taking the Dopey Challenge, a RunDisney feat which includes a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a full marathon in just four days. But will her mom Bette-Sue's overly enthusiastic encouragement and sore muscles keep her from completeing her goal? Watch as Ali pushes herself to the limit.
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Ali Vincent's Latest Weigh In
Ali Vincents Latest Weigh In
Ali's shocked when she's asked to step on the scale for another weigh in. How will she react to the number on the scale? Plus, Ali and her mom walk their first 5K together and Ali leads a group workout in D.C. with Mary from the Real Housewives of D.C.
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Ali Vincent: Roller Derby Queen
Ali Vincent: Roller Derby Queen
Ali's Live Big Challenge is something she's always wanted to try: roller derby! But once she gets in the ring, Ali learns that being a derby girl is a lot harder than it looks. Plus, Ali works out with a top fitness model who shares how he overcame drug addiction to become one of the industry's top bodies and get his body in incredible shape.
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Live Big with Ali Vincent Video

Live Big with Ali Vincent

The Host
Vivacious and dynamic, Ali Vincent was the "one to watch" on Season 5 of TV's most popular reality show, The Biggest Loser.

Make Your Own Infused Oils

Make Your Own Infused Oils
Steven and Chris share three easy ideas to add some fun flavors to your oils! They are perfect for enhancing your cooking and baking.
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Guilt-Free Desserts

Guilt-Free Desserts
Indulge yourself! Kary whips up three sinfully decadent desserts without all the fat of regular desserts.

Tabata Workout

How to do a Tabata Workout
If you're short on time, there's a new fat-burning workout trend in fitness that you can do in just four minutes!