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Ali At Home
Ali At Home
You've watched Ali transform herself on TV, but what is she like outside of the spotlight? Find out when Live Big travels to Ali's hometown of Spokane, Washington.
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Transforming Jennifer Tellers
Transforming Jennifer Tellers
To win the Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent had to give up the fast food she'd been eating all her life. Like Ali, Jennifer Tellers has a history of bad food choices. Now, Jennifer is turning to Ali to help her turn around her family's eating habits and get healthy.
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Fitness At Any Level
Fitness At Any Level
Since her first days on the Biggest Loser, Ali Vincent has gone from exercise novice to experienced tri-athlete. She's constantly pushing her body to new heights and she wants you to do the same. Now Ali talks to a fitness expert to get advice for everyone from beginners to extreme athletes.
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Live Big with Ali Vincent Video

Live Big with Ali Vincent

The Host
Vivacious and dynamic, Ali Vincent was the "one to watch" on Season 5 of TV's most popular reality show, The Biggest Loser.

Green and Organic Beauty Products

Deciphering Green and Organic Beauty Products
For most of us, the world of organic, natural and cruelty-free products are impossible to understand. Here's a tour of the earth-friendly beauty aisle.

Are Expired Foods Safe To Eat?

Save Money with Expired Foods that are Still Safe To Eat
Here's how to make the most of your food before it expires and what foods can be safe way past their expiration dates.

Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes

Healthy Family-Friendly Recipes and Eating Tips from a Mom and Health Coach
Hear from "The Nutrition Mom" on how to improve your family's diet and learn how she changed her family's unhealthy eating habits.