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Switching up Traditional Sandwiches

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Chef Chris Koetke is switching up the traditional sandwich. The recipes include New Orleans-style muffalatta with an olive salad, yogurt and avocado tuna salad sandwich, grilled salmon sandwich with black olive aioli, and Turkish kofta kabob pitas.
Segment 1
New Orleans-Style Muffalatta
New Orleans-Style Muffalatta
Chef Chris Koetke shares his favorite sandwich recipe, including this New Orleans-style muffalatta. He says New Orleans is one of the epicenters of great food in the USA, and this sandwich is a classic.
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Segment 2
Yogurt and Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich
Yogurt and Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwich
Chef Chris Koetke grew up eating tuna salad sandwiches. He says he likes to break away from traditional recipes. This sandwich uses avocado and Greek yogurt to replace the mayo, while chilies and lime juice add pizzazz. It's important to serve right away to preserve the color of the avocado.
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Segment 3
Grilled Salmon Sandwich with Black Olive Aioli
Grilled Salmon Sandwich with Black Olive Aioli
When Chef Chris Koetke developed this recipe, he was in the mood for a sandwich that was bursting with assertive flavors and also something that was hot and cold at the same time. It combines a pungent black olive aioli with full-flavored grilled salmon and sweet red onion.
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Segment 4
Kofta Kabob Pides
Kofta Kabob Pides
This sandwich comes from Turkey. It is a Kofta Kabob Pide sandwich that Chef Chris Koetke ate in Istanbul. It consists of seasoned ground lamb, grilled on a skewer and tucked into a hot pita bread, also called pide in Turkish.
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