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Chef Chris Koetke is making dishes inspired by his international travels around the world. The recipes on his menu include Mexican Corn Bread; Turkish Rice Pudding; Ecuadorian Soup; Malaysian Fried Rice.
Segment 1
Malaysian Fried Rice
Malaysian Fried Rice
On a trip to Malaysia, Chef Chris Koetke discovered Malaysian fried rice wrapped in a very thin omelet.
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Segment 2
Ecuadorian Soup
Ecuadorian Soup
Ecuador has a wide variety of unique dishes that are not often seen in the U.S., such as Locro, a potato soup garnished with different foods and most importantly, avocado.
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Segment 3
Turkish Rice Pudding
Turkish Rice Pudding
When Chef Chris Koetke first tasted this rice pudding, it made him think immediately of comfort food.
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Segment 4
Mexican Corn Bread
Mexican Corn Bread
This Mexican corn bread, Torta de Pan de Elote, is a brilliant dessert that is really easy to assemble and can be served warm.
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