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Chef Chris Koetke cooks up some Indian cuisine. He shares a recipe for a dish synonymous with Indian flavors -- pork vindaloo -- and he pairs it with the perfect accompaniment -- a whole wheat flatbread known as chapatti. Also on his menu is lacha paratha and kulfi with fresh mango.
Segment 1
Pork Vindaloo Recipe
Pork Vindaloo
This famous Indian dish originates in the southern area of India called Goa.
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Segment 2
Chapatti Recipe
Chapatti are delicious whole wheat flatbreads that are common to Indian cooking. They are best when cooked as needed and eaten hot.
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Segment 3
Lacha Paratha Recipe
Lacha Paratha
Lacha paratha are flatbreads filled with a fragrant lamb stuffing. They make a great appetizer and can be accompanied by a yogurt raita.
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Segment 4
 Kulfi Recipe with Mango
Kulfi with Fresh Mango
This unique dessert is made from saffron and cardamom infused milk and is molded before it is frozen. Pairing this with sweet, fresh mango completes the dessert and refreshes the palate.
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