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Halloween Treats

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Complete Episode: Halloween!
Chef Chris is getting into the spirit of things on Halloween! He'll make a few sinful and spooky appetizers perfect for any haunting, then our ghost-whispering guest chef shows us a recipe she received from beyond, and we make a baked pumpkin filled with creepy crawlies!
Segment 1
Halloween Appetizers
Halloween Appetizers
Get some ideas for a knock-out appetizer display of Halloween treats that will surely give your guests something to remember!
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Segment 2
Mushroom Patties
Mushroom Patties
Our ghost-whispering guest chef shows us a recipe she received from beyond!
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Segment 3
Baked Stuffed Pumpkin Surprise
Baked Stuffed Pumpkin Surprise
This dish is really playful as different foods fill the imagination with gross, squeamish, thoughts. The orzo and the olives are the bugs, the onions and bacon become worms, and Italian sausage, with some help from roasted red peppers, becomes the spider.
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