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Chef Chris shares a recipe for a great morning combo with savory bread pudding, eggs and relish, and then a Brazilian tapioca omelet. And, our guest chef joins the kitchen to make his divine lobster scrambled eggs. Plus, check out an easy and delicious recipe for Russian pancakes -- known as blinis.
Segment 1
Savory Bread Pudding
Savory Bread Pudding
This is a great combination of luscious bread pudding, eggs and an acidic relish to balance it all.
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Segment 2
Brazilian Tapioca Omelet
Brazilian Tapioca Omelet
Learn how to make a Brazilian street food known as a tapioca omelet.
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Segment 3
Lobster Scrambled Eggs
Lobster Scrambled Eggs
Our guest chef, James Papadopoulos from Sam and Harry's, shares a recipe for his divine lobster scrambled eggs.
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Segment 4
A blini is a small pancake of Russian origin that was originally served with caviar as an hors d'oeuvres. This particular recipe is a long-standing favorite of mine. It makes a very delicate pancake that can be served with either sweet or savory toppings.
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