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Decadent Desserts

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Chef Chris Koetke forgoes the calorie counting and makes rich, decadent desserts. The featured recipes include Raspberry Mousse, Creme Brulee, Nut Meringue Cookies, Molten Chocolate Cake.
Segment 1
Raspberry Mousse
Raspberry Mousse
This raspberry mousse sounds fancy and difficult to make, but it is actually quite a simple, airy treat that Chris actually first learned to make when he was 14.
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Segment 2
Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee
This decadent dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try Chef Chris' recipe for creme brulee.
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Segment 3
Nut Meringue Cookies
Nut Meringue Cookies
Chef Chris uses egg whites left over from his creme brulee recipe to make delicious nut meringue cookies.
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Segment 4
Molten Chocolate Cake
Molten Chocolate Cake
Chef Chris shares his homemade version of the popular restaurant staple, chocolate molten cake.
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