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Cooking with Boney Meats

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Cooking meats with the bone always results in a more flavorful dish, says Chris Koetke. The bone is an integral part of recipes like parmesan and asiago stuffed pork chops, roasted shallot T-bones, curried lamb shanks and osso bucco.
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Parmesan and Asiago Stuffed Pork Chops
Parmesan and Asiago Stuffed Pork Chops
Pork chops are a common sight on the dinner table in the Midwest. They are often thin pork chops served with condiments like apple sauce. This recipe is an entirely different idea and features thick, substantial chops stuffed with pungent cheeses.
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Roasted Shallot T-Bones
Roasted Shallot T-Bones
T-bone steaks are a classic for outdoor grilling. For layers of taste, marinade and smear on a roasted shallot compote that can be made a day ahead of time. The sweet and sour shallots are great with the smokey grilled steaks.
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Segment 3
Curried Lamb Shanks with Eggplant
Curried Lamb Shanks with Eggplant
This Malaysian recipe pairs lamb shanks with the deep and complex flavors of curry, resulting in an intensely satisfying cut of meat that is served with plenty of basmati rice.
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Segment 4
Osso Bucco
Osso Bucco
Osso Bucco is a traditional dish from northern Italy made from braised veal shanks. Since veal is a mild tasting meat, it has a delicate flavor -- but the gremolata sprinkled on as a final touch adds the necessary flavor punch.
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