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Cooking with Beer

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Chef Chris Koetke is cooking with beer! He start things off with meaty short ribs that use stout in its braising liquid for a flavorful addition. On the side, Chris serves a beer and cheese fondue poured on toasted bread that is known as Welsh Rarebit He also shares a recipe for porter bran muffins and brews an ice cream dessert with a lambic beer known as Kriek!
Segment 1
Porter Bran Muffins
Porter Bran Muffins
Porters are dark beers with significant body. These characteristics are perfectly paired with the rustic, deep flavors of bran. The resulting bran muffins are dense and have another interesting, and surprising layer of flavor.
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Segment 2
Welsh Rarebit
Welsh Rarebit
This is one of those classic recipes that makes a great snack, appetizer, or even a quick dinner along with a salad. It is critical that the cheese be the highest quality possible and should be well-aged as older cheddars melt much better than younger ones."
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Segment 3
Stout Short Ribs
Stout Short Ribs
Meaty short ribs have a deep, intense beef flavor and texture that is irresistible.
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Segment 4
Kriek Ice Cream
Kriek Ice Cream
Belgium is home to an array of interesting beer styles. One of the most fascinating is their fruit beers which are made through a long process of aging beer and then infusing it with fresh fruit. The name for this family of beer is lambic. The classic lambic is made with cherries and called Kriek. Turning it into ice cream is simply delicious and a great way to finish a beer-focused meal. You will need an ice cream churn to make this recipe.
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