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Celebrating Chilean Food

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Chef Chris Koetke makes a few recipes that remind him of his travels to Chili. This little-known cuisine is delicious and satisfying. He starts by making their ubiquitous cocktail, pisco sour. After that, he whips up the Chilean version of salsa called pebre. Later, he prepares Chilean fried dough called sopapilla, then the messy but yummy charquican stew and a corn dish known as pastel de choclo!
Segment 1
Pisco Sour Chilean Cocktail
Pisco Sour Chilean Cocktail
In Chile, many meals begin with an aperitif of pisco sour. Pisco is the local brandy which is most often served unaged, which results in a pungent, colorless liquid
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Segment 2
Pebre Chilean Salsa
Pebre Chilean Salsa
At every meal in Chile, you will find a bowl of pebre on the table. It goes great on bread instead of or with butter, as well as a condiment for many other foods.
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Segment 3
Chilean Sopapillas
Chilean Sopapillas
This tasty fried dough is made with pumpkin puree.
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Segment 4
Chilean Charquican Vegetable and Beef Stew
Chilean Charquican Vegetable and Beef Stew
This Chilean stew might look a bit messy, but when you bite into it, it's wonderfully delicious!
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Segment 5
Pastel de Choclo Chilean Chicken and Corn Casserole
Pastel de Choclo Chilean Chicken and Corn Casserole
This casserole layers features layers of meat, chicken and eggs, topped with a corn puree and baked. Enjoy with a Chilean red or white wine.
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