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Gourmet Summer Grilling Recipes
Gourmet Summer Grilling Recipes
Summer and grilling simply go together! Chef Chris Koetke fires up the barbeque and shares a few recipes perfect for grilling, including ham and cheese-wrapped belgian endives, grilled herb stuffed chicken breasts with spicy peanut sauce, grilled bison steak with curried tomatoes, and grilled green onions with pears and blue cheese.
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Father's Day Food and Beer
Fathers Day Food and Beer
This Father's Day serve up some gourmet entrees paired with great beer. Whether it's your husband, brother, or good ole dad, he'll love one of these delicious meals, like curried shrimp with cilantro mint chutney, garlic and herb spatchcock chicken, Baja seafood burritos, and lamb daube Provencal.
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Cool Recipes for Hot Nights
Cool Recipes for Hot Nights
Celebrate summertime's hot nights with refreshing dish and drink ideas. Cool down with shrimp cocktail with horseradish ice, Mediterranean watermelon salad, cold herb spinach soup and chicken salad. Plus, make a few different kinds of agua fresca, flavored with fresh fruit!
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Let's Dish

The Host
Christopher Koetke is the host of Let's Dish on the Live Well Network.

Natural Garden and Pest Control Tips

Bruce Lubin, author of the book, Who Knew 10,001 Easy Solutions to Every Day Problems!, has dozens of ways to make your life easier.  He promises to cut every one of your bills by following the tips in his book. He shared a few of his favorites.
Are you tired of battling weeds and pests in your yard with harsh chemicals? Check out solutions for outdoor problems that are all natural.

Homemade Health Drinks and Food

Being good to your body can get expensive! Just walk down the healthy living aisle of any grocery store.  Healthy Lifestyle expert Marian Bell has a few money saving alternatives to common cleanses and body boosters.
Taking good care of your body can get expensive! Get a few money-saving, all-natural alternatives to common cleanses and immunity boosters.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed martial arts has become an increasingly popular method to stay in shape and practice self-defense moves.