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Dalhousie Castle and Blowin' The Pipes

Laura heads to the countryside to the world class hotel, Dalhousie Castle. She tries her hand at falconry. Finally, piper Kevin Hanley lets her in on the "secret" to playing the bagpipes.

Edinburgh and The Scottish Countryside

Other segments featured on this episode of Laura McKenzie's Traveler:

Castle, Cannon and The Legend of Bobby
Castle, Cannon and The Legend of Bobby
Laura explores Edinburgh Castle, with it's towering Lang Stairs and the huge siege cannon, Mons Meg. Laura learns the stories of the castle's famous inhabitants, such as Mary Queen of Scots. Then local historian Kenny Hanley tells the legend of Greyfriars Bobby.
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A Royal Yacht and A Royal Mile
A Royal Yacht and A Royal Mile
Laura explores the pubs, restaurants and shops along the main drag of yore, the Royal Mile. She visits St. Giles Cathedral and the Deacon Brody Inn, named for the infamous subject who inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Finally Laura boards one of the world's most famous ships, the Royal Yacht Britannia.
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Farewell To Dublin
Farewell To Dublin
As her stay in Scotland comes to an end, Laura proposes a toast to Edinburgh.
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