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Upcycling an Old Dresser with Paint and Fabric

See how this dresser that was destined for the trash was transformed into a functional and stylish storage piece for this kids' bedroom with a little paint and fabric.

Sometimes, all it takes to score a one-of-a-kind furniture piece is the willingness to see beyond what something is to what it could be! That was the case with this dresser we found in the trash. With a little love and unique detailing it became a show-stopper!

Here's what you'll need:
  • an old dresser
  • 160 grit sandpaper
  • belt or orbital sander
  • foam roller
  • paint with primer in desired color
  • smaller brushes and additional paint
  • fabric
  • mod podge
1. Remove any hardware and store in a safe place. Using a belt or orbital sander with 160 grit paper, sand the surface of the dresser including all doors and drawers. You want to remove the shiny layer and get the piece back to raw wood.

2. Use a foam roller (designed for smooth finishes) and paint the dresser. We like using a paint plus primer in one to skip an extra step! Because this was a kid's room, we went with a fun, bright color! Furniture pieces are a great place to try a bold color- it's a small area so it won't be overwhelming! Let dry and repeat with a second and third coat, if necessary.

3. Our dresser already had cool wood detailing so we accented the "x's" in another color from our room's pallette using small artist's brushes and painters tape. If you don't want to do something free-hand, try a stencil or a project a design on using a mini-projector.

4. To add another fun design element, we cut fabric to fit the insets of the doors and brushed it with mod podge to adhere.

Second-hand furniture pieces from a thrift store or the trash are the perfect items for letting your creativity and love of color run wild. Have fun turning trash into a unique, custom treasure for your family!
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