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Rustic Western Lodge Master Bedroom

Design bloggers Monica and Jess show these young homeowners how to create a stylish and functional master bedroom with a rustic lodge vibe with some easy DIY projects, including a painted subfloor, painted planked walls and a live edge wood mirror, all on a budget of under $500.
This lackluster master bedroom is in dire need of Monica and Jess's savvy DIY style! Cara and Chris are a young couple that is desperate to say goodbye to their current "dorm room chic" style and embrace a much more grown up space! They moved in a few years ago but have done nothing to the space besides fill it with their random college furniture. They want to create an upscale rustic master bedroom that has a western lodge vibe all for their budget of $500. But with such a small budget, can Monica and Jess create their dream lodge master bedroom?

Monica and Jess love the pictures Cara and Chris sent in with the gorgeous woodwork, elegant furniture and a rustic vibe. But with the budget they are working with, the girls have to stretch their budget and stretch the limits of conventional design in order to give them the master bedroom they have always dreamed of!

The first part of their plan is to take care of the carpet, which has clearly seen better days! The flooring in the hallway right outside their bedroom is hardwood, so they are hoping that when they pull up the carpets there is also hardwood in the bedroom. But even if there isn't, the girls have some ideas on how to create a floor that goes along with their new style. Since the furniture pieces in the room are hand-me downs, they don't match at all, but Monica and Jess are going to show the couple how they can make them work for the space anyway. Monica and Jess also want to add some architectural detailing to the space in order to give it that cabin feel they are looking for. Cara and Chris also sent in some pictures of simple and cool light fixtures that would give the room a modern edge, but would cost more than half their budget, so Monica and Jess have come up with a simple and easy DIY project that will give them the same look for a whole lot less.

Before they get started on the projects, the first thing the girls do is check to see what is under those beat up carpets they have on the floor. They were hoping for hardwood, but when they pull up a section of the carpets they discover it's actually subflooring. The good news is that Monica and Jess can still make it work in a way that still will compliment the room's new elegant and rustic style they are going for.

After the pull up the carpet and remove all the tacks and nails from the floors, Monica and Cara get started on a custom pendant light project that's super simple. While at the home improvement store, Monica found some inexpensive wastebaskets that had a really cool architectural design to them and look almost like a cage. She shows Cara how to take these combined with an inexpensive light kit she purchased to create a cool and simple light fixture for the room.

Meanwhile, Jess and Chris get started on transforming the subflooring in the room. Jess explains that they will use porch paint on the floors, which is nice and thick and will help create a seamless look. Chris is a little skeptical and has never heard of people using subflooring as their main flooring, so he is excited to see what the designers have in store for this project.

Monica and Jess want this rustic upscale retreat to really feel elegant so they decided to paint the top third of the walls a warm neutral cream color and finish off the bottom section of the walls with a darker blue gray hue. After the paint has dried, it's time to really bring this room to life by adding some architectural detailing and design that will trick the eye and our budget! By attaching wood planks to the wall and painting them the same color as the wall behind, the designers create the illusion of wood detailing.

Chris and Cara's closet has no doors on it and is stuffed with clothes and a vintage dresser. Monica and Jess kind of think they were onto somethin with the dresser inside the closet and want to use the idea for the new room. However, they want to flip flop the dressers in the room and use the one originally in the closet for another part of the room and use the larger dresser already in the room in the closet. They transform the smaller dresser by sanding the drawers and staining them in a warm walnut. Then, they use the other dresser as a base for some DIY custom built-ins that they will create for the closet unit. They trim the dresser to fit inside the closet and then paint it white, before they install it in the closet.

Because the space is small, instead of using regular nightstands, Monica and Jess create floating shelves underneath the wastebasket light fixtures to give the couple the functionality of night stands without taking up too much space.

After the first day, the room is already coming together and beginning to transform into the elegant rustic lodge that Cara and Chris are hoping for. Before the team left, they painted the subfloor a pretty white, which will function as the perfect backdrop to the cool design they have planned. Now, they are ready to add their design which will really make the floor pop! Jess really wants to create multi-toned floors like the pictures the couple sent in. But since there wasn't actual woodwork underneath the carpets, they have to improvise in order to create the same look. They will create stripes on the floors and use a brown porch paint that will give the floors the multi-tone look for a lot less money.

Monica and Jess really wanted to have a statement piece for the room, but they were tight on cash, so Monica shows Cara how to create the perfect piece, DIY style. They build a live edge accent mirror with plywood that will look like they took a giant tree and sliced it down in order to see the bark and edges. The look is super on-trend right now, but with real wood can cost a fortune. So instead, they decide to replicate the look using plywood, an inexpensive mirror, a jigsaw and a dark walnut stain. The finished product looks like it cost hundreds!

It's finally time to kick out Cara and Chris so Monica and Jess can finish the projects and add their final touches to the room. Once completed, the room looks radically different and one that actually belongs to a pair of grown-ups, not college students.

The architectural details are really what are giving the room the lodge and cabin feel that wanted. Monica and Jess were able to use half the amount of wood they would need to plank the whole room, which really saved them so much money and added a ton of visual interest. To actually plank the walls, use the amount of pine needed and have someone come out to install, it could easily cost $1,000. Monica and Jess however were able to DIY this project and it only cost $80.

Once a skeptic, Chris shocked by how amazing the subfloors look! The floors look like old weathered floors you would see out West. If they were to replace the carpets with new hardwood floors, it would have set them back $1,200. But by getting creative with the subflooring, they were able to save a ton of money and only spend $60.

The new closet looks like a custom built-in that came with the home. They can't believe Monica and Jess used their old dresser from college in order to create this! By moving the dresser into the closet, the girls were able to free up a lot of space in the room and only spend $75.

To buy a statement mirror and new dresser for the bedroom could have easily set them back more than triple their budget. But by redoing the piece of furniture they already had and creating their own statement piece, they were able to create the same look spending only $45 total.

The lights on each side of the bed could not have been made any easier and only took a wastebasket, a light kits and a hook. To buy a pair of lights like the ones that were in the inspiration photos would have cost $300. But instead they create them themselves for only $50. For only $50, the couple got two custom light fixtures that not only fit their style better but also their budget! In addition to that, all the accessories and paint used in the room to create their rustic lodge master bedroom only set them back $195. To decorate this space like the high-end sophisticated lodges seen in the magazines, could have easily cost the couple $10,000 to 15,000. But with some creativity and the ability to DIY, this whole room was created for only $495!
Segment 1
Designers Make a Plan for Lodge-Inspired Bedroom
Designers Make a Plan for Lodge-Inspired Bedroom
Chris and Cara's master bedroom is full of their college furniture and seriously lacking style. Monica and Jess create a plan to transform this room into a rustic retreat with DIY projects that will create the feel of a western lodge.
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Segment 2
DIY Painted Striped Subfloor
DIY Painted Striped Subfloor
If you've got nothing but subfloor under that beat up carpet, don't fret. With some porch paint, you can turn it into a designer's dream with bold stripes and a high-end feel.
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Segment 3
DIY Wood Planked Walls
DIY Wood Planked Walls
If you want to add architectural detailing to a room, but don't have the budget for custom carpentry, try this easy DIY project that tricks the eye and costs a lot less!
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Segment 4
DIY Rustic Wood Framed Mirror
DIY Rustic Wood Framed Mirror
An accent piece using live edged wood is wonderfully rustic looking, but so expensive. Here's how to fake this trend with plywood, a jigsaw and an inexpensive mirror.
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Before and After Photos: Lodge Master Bedroom
See how Monica and Jess transformed this master bedroom into a rustic western room with a high-end feel.
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide for Rustic Lodge Master Bedroom
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos for projects from the rustic western master bedroom makeover.
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