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Rustic Romantic Master Bedroom Makeover

With four kids, Paola and Mike really need a quiet place to retreat where they can just relax and be together, but right now, their master bedroom is nearly empty and needs some updating. Designers Monica and Jess create a romantic bedroom for the couple, complete with a faux-stucco fireplace, a beautifully redone vanity, a rope chandelier and plenty of rustic accents that make this room serene and luxurious, all for under $800!
Paola and Mike need some major help to transform their master bedroom into a place where they can actually relax. They recently got rid of all their old furniture, which is temporarily forcing them to sleep with their existing mattress on the floor. With their new furniture on its way, they are looking for some fresh decor that will make this room the comfortable and cozy retreat the couple has always dreamed of. But with a budget of only $800, will Monica and Jess be able to create the retreat that these parents deserve?

Paola and Mike have been in their home for nine years now, but between 4 kids and the chaos of life, their master bedroom has been low on the priority list. Now it's time for Paola and Mike to have a place to themselves for them to completely relax. Since Paola is originally from Argentina, she would love an Argentinian cowboy rustic feel for this space to make her really feel like she's home. They hope Monica and Jess can incorporate their new dark-wood furniture into this style on their budget of $800. In the room, Paola and Mike have a perfectly functioning fireplace that they would love to use, but right now, it's been overtaken by Paola's shoes. Connected to their bedroom area is a great space that Paola uses as a vanity area. The space has a ton of potential, but between its outdated spaceship-like lights around its mirror and outdated dresser for storage, the space is not working!

The inspiration photos that Paola and Mike sent in had traditional wood elements incorporated in the room which can make any room feel very warm and rustic. The photos also had lots of natural textures scattered throughout, but the kind of authentic South American gaucho accents that the couple are looking for can be very costly. Monica and Jess have some ideas thought on how to create that same look and feel in this space that will completely fit into their budget.

The vanity area has a ton of potential, and the girls want to make it the perfect space for Paola, but before they do anything to amp up the romance in this area they have to remove all its outdated elements. Paola is so excited to finally transform this space, but as they are pulling out the existing furniture to bring in a new vanity piece they hit a little problem: the previous homeowners carpeted around the vanity. Unfortunately, the piece that the girls planned on bringing in won't fit in that space and new carpeting won't fit into the budget. Monica and Jess decide that the only solution is to reuse the existing piece, which makes Paola's heart sink a little. However, they promise her that they will do a major upcycle so that it looks completely unrecognizable.

One area of the room that the couple is really hoping to transform is the fireplace. Paola and Mike sent in a photo of a gorgeous rustic fireplace that looks like it's made with authentic clay. But to bring in an artisan who is specially trained to get that look would cost more than double their budget and take a ton of time. So Jess shows Paola how to do a DIY project using textured paint that will make the fireplace look like it was created with clay or stucco!

Monica and Jess get to work redoing the old vanity by painting it deep cranberry metallic color and give it a brand new wood planked top that will be the base for a custom vanity mirror. Monica and Paola create the perfect piece using some plywood, shelf brackets and an oval mirror.

Monica and Jess are on their way to transforming this master bedroom and vanity area into a rustic and romantic retreat with a ton of South American cowboy charm! To really create the feel that the couple want, Jess and Mike start painting the room with a color palette that is very rustic and romantic: mauve, creamy white and charcoal grey. After that, Monica shows Mike how to create some DIY artwork for above their bed that was inspired by a piece she had seen at her favorite high-end decor store: weathered mirrors. Although it was on sale, it was still $700, so Monica came up with an idea of her own to recreate the same effect with paint and epoxy removers on new mirrors and thrift store frames.

Currently, Paola's shoes are taking over the entire bedroom and need to find a new home! Monica and Jess show Paola how to build a fully functional shoe rack that also displays her prized possessions in an artistic way. Texture really softens up a room and adds a ton of style, so Monica covers the wall behind the shoe rack with burlap. After attaching it to the wall, they add some molding which will function as shelves to display Paola's beautiful shoes.

Have an outdated light fixtures that you would love to keep but needs some updating? Jess has a great idea on how to remedy the situation that's both easy and cheap! Simply take your old chandelier and wrap it in rope! Wrapping up an ugly, brass chandelier that Paola and Mike alredy had transforms it into a beautiful light fixture for this rustic and romantic master bedroom design!

Although Paola and Mike want a rustic look, Monica and Jess have to remember that whatever they bring in this room must fit together with the more modern furniture pieces that Paola and Mike just purchased. So, Monica and Jess decide to bring in pieces that have a very simple reclaimed look, like the blanket ladder that Mike is going to make. This project couldn't be an easier, and when it's done will be the perfect piece to display some funky blankets with different textures.

The girls are really trying to bring that cowboy gaucho style into this room so what better way to do that than to bring in some antlers! In Argentinean culture, antlers are very symbolic and used for many things such as musical instruments, weapons and even cooking utensils. So, Jess purchased some authentic antlers online which her and Paola will paint and mount on wood plaques for them to display in their new rustic bedroom.

Finally, it's time for Paola and Mike to vanish for a bit while Monica and Jess put the finishing touches on the room. They can't wait to reveal this warm, rustic sanctuary to the homeowners.

Paola and Mike are blown away with their new rustic and romantic master bedroom retreat and cannot believe it is even the same space! The couple are so excited to finally sit by their beautiful fireplace and enjoy a nice cup of coffee after a long day. They can sit back, relax and take in the beauty of the mounted antlers that only cost $65 and the texture of their faux stucco fireplace which only took $75 to completely transform.

Paola and Mike are also pleasantly surprised with how well the girls did in blending the new furniture with the new style they were hoping to achieve! Paola especially loves the blanket ladder Mike built for $10 and the distressed mirror artwork hanging above the bed that only cost $60 to create!

The old chandelier the couple had looks completely different and now adds a truly unique style to the room! Wrapping the thrifted piece in rope added a ton of texture and style.

When Paola takes a look at her new vanity area, she is in disbelief! She seriously cannot believe that the beautiful vanity in there now is the same ugly one she once hated! With the addition of the DIY vanity mirror for $70 and the new shoe wall for $55, this vanity area feels glamorous and luxe.

Everything else in the room including all the paint and accessories totaled to $456 making the grand total for this huge master bedroom complete with a sitting area, fireplace and separate vanity dressing room area only $791!
Segment 1
Plan for Rustic Romantic Master Bedroom
Plan for Rustic Romantic Master Bedroom
Monica and Jess figure out how to makeover this empty master bedroom into a romantic retreat for two busy parents by revamping the fireplace, planning for some DIY storage and redoing an ugly vanity, all for under $800.
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Segment 2
DIY Faux Stucco Fireplace
DIY Faux Stucco Fireplace
Want to give your fireplace loads of texture without calling in a mason? We've got the trick: textured paint! This special paint can be found at the local hardware store. It's really easy to use and can be painted any color!
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Segment 3
DIY Custom Vanity and Mirror
DIY Custom Vanity and Mirror
The old vanity in this space was an ugly mirrored space-age monster with exploding light bulbs! Monica and Jess competely transformed this ugly vanity into a beautiful glamorous space with a custom oval mirror.
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Segment 4
DIY Rope Wrapped Chandelier
DIY Rope Wrapped Chandelier
There is no easier way to add rustic texture to a room than this rope-wrapped chandelier. With only a few materials and a couple of hours, you can have a unique light fixture for under $50!
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Segment 5
DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder
DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder
Not only is this blanket ladder a great way to store and display your favorite blankets, it's also really cute and so easy to make. You'll only need a few materials and about 45 minutes to make your own!
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Segment 6
DIY Antler Plaques
DIY Antler Plaques
Antlers are the perfect decor item for a rustic room. Even if you don't have access to the great outdoors, antlers are readily available online. You can make them into a great piece of art with this easy DIY project.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Rustic Romantic Master Bedroom
See how Monica and Jess created a serene, romantic master bedroom for these busy parents.
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide for Rustic, Romantic Bedroom
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos for projects from the rustic, romantic bedroom makeover.
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