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Quirky Modern Dining Room Makeover

After redecorating their entire house, this DIY couple has run out of steam and cash to complete their dining room! Monica and Jess help them create a sleek, modern space for less than $500, including a concrete top table, some industrial shelving, a set of DIY dining chairs and a cute buffet.
Ebony and Sheldon are very familiar with DIY design and have gone room by room decorating with only one room in the house left untouched: the dining room. Compared to the rest of the house, this room has no style. They have made one attempt to update the room by adding a new chandelier, but it's the only decorative touch this space has. The room has a lot of potential and is a blank canvas for Monica and Jess. Between some off the wall ideas and some friendly competition, Monica and Jess are going to give them a brand new modern dining room for only $500.

Their style is contemporary modern which is very hard to recreate on their tight budget, so Ebony and Sheldon need Monica and Jess' help to get their money's worth. Luckily, they have tons of ideas for projects that will make this dining room fit with the rest of their stylish home decor!

The homeowners want this room to be functional for entertaining and would love a bigger table with more seating. Having some storage in the room would also be a nice addition so they serve their guests and store dinnerware. As it is now, the room is stark and needs a pop of color to bring it alive.

The inspiration photos the couple sent in were rooms that were very modern but also really expensive. A new table and chairs would alone cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, so Monica and Jess have come up with some ideas on how to create their own table and revamp their existing chairs. Another photo had a really graphic accent wall with stones, but installing a similar one would be way out of their price range, so Monica and Jess have an idea to create the accent wall they are looking for with an inexpensive trick.

Monica and Sheldon get started on creating a new dining room table, using a small table as a base that Monica found at the thrift store. With some inexpensive MDF and some quick dry concrete, they create a faux concrete slab table that will create the modern look at a low price.

Next, they get started on the walls, and Ebony and Sheldon love the color Monica and Jess have chosen: citron. It's the perfect modern color for homeowners who aren't afraid of bold choices, but still want their space to be warm. Then it's time for an accent wall, and the designers reveal an idea that's got the homeowners a bit worried: a rock wall that they paint on the wall with markers. They're a little nervous, but they're willing to give it a try.

Ebony and Sheldon really want to entertain in this space and for it to be a place that is functional for family and friends to gather. The problem is the current space has no place for storage or serving. Monica and Jess have two projects to add additional storage and make it the perfect space for entertaining. The first project Monica and Ebony start on is creating a modern buffet using shoe storage racks and some pine wood. Later, they'll work on some additional shelving for the room.

Monica and Jess have different ideas for what will be best for this room so in a Knock It Off! first, they will compete and let the homeowners decide the winner. They each have a budget of $30 to create the perfect modern tablescape. Monica plans to go totally modern with little bits of bling while Jess couples projects that bring in wood tones and live plants in order to bring life and texture to the table. When they each present their final products, Ebony and Sheldon are torn! They both love aspects of both and want combine elements from both Monica and Jess's design into their new tablescape. It's clear to see that in the end, Monica and Jess really do work best together as a team!

Ebony and Sheldon have a collection of dining room chairs, but they don't all match. Purchasing all new matching chairs would cost a fortune, so Jess shows them how to make them all work together as a set and how to unify them inexpensively by painting them all the same color and covering the seats with the same fabric.

While they already created one storage unit for the room, Ebony and Sheldon could certainly use more! Jess purchased some metal shelving units, but they just scream industrial commercial kitchen, not high-end modern dining room. Jess shows Ebony how by using some wood and spray paint, they can dress this shelving unit up and upcycle to make it look trendy and modern!

It's time for Monica and Jess to add the finishing touches to the room and although Ebony and Sheldon are loving the projects they did, they are still skeptical and nervous about the accent wall! But when they reveal the entire look, all doubts are put to rest. Ebony and Sheldon are blown away with how much this room has transformed! While the citron color really brings life to the room, the accent wall really adds an artistic and modern pop that's both abstract and stylish.

The couple especially loves the storage pieces added to the room. It's hard to believe that the modern buffet was made out of shoe racks and only cost $75 to make! They also love the concrete table which is perfect for their style and their budget only costing $48. Ebony and Sheldon also notice that there is more seating to their new room which will make the room so much easier to entertain in! That's because the girls took their 4 existing chairs, got 4 thrifted chairs and pulled some DIY tricks in order to have them look like a set. Monica and Jess also decided to add a little pizazz to the light fixture Ebony and Sheldon purchased and trimmed out the lights with molding. It created a major visual impact for a small price of only $20.

Perhaps the biggest transformation is the creation of the trendy and modern shelving unit. If they were to go to their favorite modern store and pick up shelving, it could easily cost them $750. But with some DIY creativity the whole thing only cost $64. Everything else in the room including the accessories, paint and finishing touches cost $186 which brings their grand total to $489. It's hard to believe that such a modern and stylish room was created on such a budget, and now it's finally a room that fits the rest of their stylish house!
Segment 1
Monica and Jess Plan a Quirky Modern Dining Room
Monica and Jess Plan a Quirky Modern Dining Room
Ebony and Sheldon have DIY'd their entire house with fabulous modern style, but ran out of steam before they got to their dining room. Designers Monica and Jess help them come up with a plan to makeover this room for less than $500.
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Segment 2
DIY Concrete Dining Table
DIY Concrete Dining Table
A concrete top table is perfect for a modern space, but can cost thousands. Here's how to make your own concrete dining room table for under $50 with this easy DIY project!
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Segment 3
DIY Sleek Modern Buffet Made From Shoe Racks
DIY Sleek Modern Buffet Made From Shoe Racks
Need storage for your dining room, but don't want to shell out big bucks for a sleek modern buffet at a furniture store? Here's an easy DIY project you can do at home to create your own buffet table, complete with shelves and a wine rack.
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Segment 4
DIY Dining Room Chair Set from Mismatched Thrifted Chairs
DIY Dining Room Chair Set from Mismatched Thrifted Chairs
What do you do when you have a small budget and can't afford to spend $200 apiece on dining room chairs? Upcycle several different thrifted chairs into a unique set with a little paint and some new fabric!
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Segment 5
DIY Wood and Metal Shelves
DIY Wood and Metal Shelves
These sleek industrial shelves look like they came from an expensive upscale store, but in reality, they're cheap kitchen shelving! See how to transform these inexpensive shelves with some wood, stain and spray paint to create a high-end look for about $50 with this easy DIY home project.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Modern Dining Room
See how Monica and Jess transformed this dull dining room into a modern masterpiece.
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide for Modern Dining Room
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos for projects from the modern dining room makeover.
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