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Plan for New England Style Great Room

Plan for New England Style Great Room

When Monica's parents ask for help turning their two smaller living rooms into one large New England style Great Room, can the girls pull off this makeover, even when knocking down a wall ends up taking half of their budget?

This week's makeover is a big surprise for Monica, and hits a bit close to home. Homeowners Carol and Rick, Monica's parents, sent in a video to the blog asking for her help with their living rooms. They've been asking her for help for awhile, but since she's been so busy, Carol and Rick thought it would be a fun way to get her attention, and that it did!

Currently in their home, there are two separate living rooms with a fireplace in one room and a TV in the other. They would like to take down the wall and make it one large living space where they can have their family gatherings.

Monica knows her parents style and is very excited to create a New England atmosphere in the space that's reminiscent of where the family grew up and vacationed.

Monica and Jess take a trip down memory lane as going back to this house reminds Jess of the high schools days! Just like back then, Monica has to talk about her allowance: How much do Monica and Jess get for this makeover?

They have a budget of $3000, but a contractor has said removing the wall will cost around $1200. This is a much bigger project than Monica and Jess are used to doing, so they will have to enlist some help to take down the wall. With $1800 left to spend, they're sure they can create the New England style Monica's parents are looking for while sticking to their budget!

Rick and Carol's inspiration pictures included giant New England-style rooms with big windows and lots of space, as well as gorgeous hardwood flooring and even some cedar shingle homes. Monica and Jess have some ideas of how to make this style work on a budget, but Monica's parents are worried that her style is a bit more "flashy" than theirs.

The first thing that needs to be done is tearing down that wall! They are expecting some electric and heating behind the load bearing wall, but once they start tearing through the wall, they find more problems. Not only is there electric and vents, but water pipes. This unexpected find is definitely going to cost them more than they had budgeted, and they will have to wait until the contractor comes to see how much this will set them back.

Meanwhile, Jess and Rick get started on an easy project that will take a coffee table and end table they already own and revamp it to fit the new style of the room. The tables are instantly transformed from modern chic to New England charm in a matter of minutes, all thanks to some pine wood and some spray paint!

Monica and Jess's contractor friend, Matt, has finally arrived to take a look at the wall situation. Originally it would cost $1200 for him to remove the wall, but now that they must remove water pipes, the project is going to cost an extra $300 than expected. Carol tells Monica that they simply don't have any more money to give, so Monica and Jess are going to have to rework some projects to stay within the budget.

The next day, Carol and Rick are blown away with how much the room has transformed already! Between the wall being completely gone and the newly painted grey walls, this room is really starting to remind them of a classic New England vacation home!

In an inspiration photo Carol and Rick sent in, the room had beautiful hardwood floors. Since real hardwood floors for the two rooms would cost over $5,000, Monica and Jess chose a cheaper option. Instead, they found beautiful inexpensive laminate floors, which they ordered from BuildDirect, that look exactly like real wood! They are super easy to handle and are installed in no time.

Currently in one side of the room has ceiling beams, but now that we have turned the two spaces into one giant room, it doesn't make sense for the other side not to have the same beams! So Jess shows Carol a way to replicate the beams for the other side using Styrofoam. Once they jazz up these faux wood beams and attach them to the ceiling, no one will ever know that they weren't original!

Growing up Monica and her family always used to vacation at the Cape and Nantucket which always had beautiful cedar shingled homes throughout the towns. To recreate such a look throughout the entire room would be super expensive, so Monica has an idea that would bring in a similar vibe, but on a much smaller scale. Monica shows Rick how they will create a cedar shingle accent wall that will add that New England charm to the room without being too flashy.

It's now time for the girls to add the finishing touches and put everything in place! Rick and Carol are nervous that the girls will overspend given the minor setback, but are hopeful they can still achieve their dream living room without going over their budget.

When Monica and Jess finally reveal to Carol and Rick their new great room, they are amazed at how different the space has become! Carol is absolutely floored at how beautiful it is and Rick love the room's New England charm. The shingle wall that he was worried about actually fits in perfectly with the character of the room and only cost them $60, which makes him like it even more!

Carol and Rick agree that the girls totally achieved the New England style in this room, especially with some of the furniture pieces. The girls were able to upcycle an old dresser for the room for only $75 and completely transform 2 modern tables to fit the new style for only $32.

Making these two rooms cohesive was a major task, but the girls were able to make both sides of the room look like one large space with a few different projects! The Styrofoam beams added to one side of the ceiling to match the other look so authentic and real and only cost $300. The floor they installed in this big space made a huge difference and completely adds to the style and charm of the room! This flooring was not only easy to install, but was only $700 and looks like actual hardwood floors!

The biggest change however has to be the thing that is now missing from the room: the wall! Even though it ended up being a total of $1500, they were able to get rid of some smaller projects in order to make up the cost. Everything else in the room ranging from accessories to paint cost a total of $330 making the grand total of this complete renovation $2997! Monica's parents couldn't be happier with the result and will now always have a part of Monica and Jess with them whenever they go into this room.

New England Style Great Room Makeover

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