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Plan for DIY Rustic, Vintage Wedding

Plan for DIY Rustic, Vintage Wedding

Watch as Monica and Jess plan an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception with a funky vintage vibe for an entire budget of $1,500.

As usual, Monica and Jess think outside of the box when it comes to ceremony seating. Luckily Jim has a pile of spare logs in his backyard. Monica and Jim use a chainsaw to cut the logs to the same size. Jess, Stef, and mother-in-law Bonnie then place three stumps in a row and nail a plank of wood on top. This creates recycled benches that add an earthy, rustic feel to the ceremony area.

When the ceremony is over, guests will be ready to chow down at the reception. Using two doors, the DIY dynamic duo hang the doors against a tree horizontally, nailing brackets onto the underside connecting the door to the tree and then attaching a rope from the outside edge to a branch. This creates a floating door look sturdy enough to hold the delicious cuisine at the reception in style.

The most pivotal moment of any wedding, indoors or out, is when the groom sees the bride for the first time, but an outside wedding makes this special moment a little difficult to achieve. Jess finds two vintage, wooden doors to make the brides entrance magical. In order to install the doors Jess, Stef, and Jim build a door frame similar to the arbor. Since the doors are so big and heavy, the team has to double up the wood and ensure that all the measurements are precise, installing the doors above the ground so they can open and close.

Table decor can sneakily drive up the price of a wedding fast. Monica and Jess have three small scale DIY projects that stretch the dollar. Instead of purchasing fancy tablecloths, Kenny's grandmother and a few other relatives lent them their vintage sheets and tea towels. Not only does this simple addition complement to the style, but also allows the other family members contribute to this exciting day.

Next, they carve the center out of a small log and filling them with succulent plants to create a unique center piece for close to nothing. Then, they use miniature flower pots, filling them with moss and attaching a customized message gives the place settings a pop of color. With festively wrapped silverware on top of the plates and the unique place mats beneath, place settings for 100 guests is complete.

A popular, fun activity at a wedding reception is capturing the special moments in a photo booth, but renting a photo booth and photographer can be expensive. A good alternative is a chalkboard paint backdrop, but of course, Monica and Jess want to give this bride and groom a more unique solution. Monica, Jess, and Steph create the perfect photo background by attaching artificial turf to a giant slab of plywood. By folding crafting paper into paper pinwheels and fun fake flowers, Monica decorates the plain green turf.

Kenny and Steph want to remember the people who celebrated this magical day with them, and what better way to do so than with a funky photo guestbook. When guests first arrive they will come across a chicken wire screen with name tags attached. They will then grab the instant camera, take a selfie, attach it to their name and grab their party favor. This method not only serves as a guestbook for Stef and Kenny but a fun, quick photo op for guests.

The big projects are done, but as with any wedding, there are still tons of little details to put together. Monica and Jess and the family set up and decorate the tables, the arbor and the rest of the yard. With some rented vintage furniture and lots of flowers from the garden, they create a great space that Steph can't wait to show Kenny.

When the decor is complete and ready for "I do," it's time to show them the finished space. They both love the decor and are incredibly inspired by what Monica and Jess have been able to do with such a small budget.

"There's no word for it," says Jess' brother Kenny. "It's just perfect."

For a wedding that could potentially cost $40,000, Monica and Jess knocked the price to $1,478: A ridiculously low budget for a ridiculously important day! By doing the projects themselves, the innovative Monica and Jess were able to cut the cost of each element by more than half.

Thanks to Monica and Jess, Stef and Kenny can have the wedding of their dreams and live happily ever after in style!
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