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Master Bedroom Transformed into Modern Retreat

Design bloggers Monica and Jess turn a couple's bland master bedroom into a modern, eclectic retreat. They used a few tricks of the trade to get a high-end look in the room on a budget of just $400.
Monica and Jess are always looking for a challenge. So when they received a call for help from a couple looking to transform their boring master bedroom, they couldn't pass up the opportunity. But when they discover that they only have $400 to complete the entire project, they know they will have to get creative.

Homeowners Stephanie and Dan have high-end taste and have sent over some inspiration photos representing what they want in the room. It would cost thousands of dollars to create the designer room that the homeowners desire. So, Monica and Jess have their work cut out for them. They plan to DIY their way to a custom look in the room for less!

Are Dan and Steph really ready to add some color to the room? Monica and Jess are willing to find out!

Homeowners, Stephanie and Dan, have lived without nightstands in their bedroom for years. Monica starts by picking up incredibly inexpensive nightstands and adds a few tricks to give it a high end look. By making it herself, she is able to save hundreds of dollars. She gives the nightstands a white-wash with paint and then uses a 1x3 piece of wood to cut hundreds on tiny tiles to glue to the drawers.

Jess gets creative by making a multi-layered headboard out of foam insulation, egg crate foam and fabric. This budget-busting project only cost $85!

Monica takes the existing dresser in the bedroom and completely transforms it by sanding each door differently and then applying stain.

Then, Monica and Jess find an old, upholstered chair downstairs and their creative juices start flowing immediately. After cutting off the legs of the chair, Monica paints the upholstery with a roller and builds a base to turn it into a rocking chair!

As the room makeover continues, Jess notices throughout the house that the homeowners have many beautiful pictures on the wall. She uses their old wedding photos to create gallery wrapped canvases with engineer prints from an office supply store. The customized gallery has a high-end look for only $10 a picture! It's a project anyone can do!

After two days of creativity and some wise spending, designers Monica and Jess have finished transforming Stephanie and Dan's boring bedroom into something that's modern, fun and fabulous. The homeowners were shocked that they were able to create such a masterpiece in their bedroom for less than $400.

Segment 1
Design Bloggers Create Plan For Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom
Design Bloggers Create Plan For Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom
Design experts Monica and Jess meet with homeowners Stephanie and Dan to discuss their vision for their master bedroom. They want to create a high-end look in the room for under $400.
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Segment 2
DIY Nightstands
DIY Nightstands
You can turn cheap nightstands into high end with these easy DIY tips!
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Segment 3
DIY Multi-layered Headboard
DIY Multi-layered Headboard
A headboard for your bedroom can get really expensive. But you can easily build your own. Get DIY tips for building your own headboard for under $100!
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Segment 4
Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall from Large Print Photos
Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall from Large Print Photos
Use your existing pictures to add style and art to your walls. This cheap trick brings your photos and memories to life for a fraction of the cost. Get a few DIY tips!
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Photo Gallery
Lay the insulation board onto the carpet padding. Beginning at one corner, fold carpet padding in towards the center of the board and staple into place using a  heavy duty staple gun.
Photos: Project Guide For Master Bedroom
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos of the DIY projects from the master bedroom.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Master Bedroom Makeover
Design bloggers Monica and Jess turn a couple's bland master bedroom into a modern, eclectic retreat.
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