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How to Make a Kitchen Island Out of Cabinets

How to Make a Kitchen Island Out of Cabinets

Franco and Stacy have always wanted an island in their kitchen, but having one made can cost thousands. Carpenter Mark Bartelomeo shows Franco how to create a DIY island out of standard kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is a gathering place in any home, and an island creates a fun place to sit, socialize and eat together. Here's how to create an inexpensive island out of basic cabinets.

1. Head to your local home improvement store and purchase stock cabinets. We purchased four upper wall cabinets, 12" deep.

2. Attach the cabinets together, back to back using a combination of nails and screws.

3. Base cabinets come at a standard height, but it's a little low for an island, so we used 2x4s to make an apron that acted as a base and lifted it up to 36", standard countertop height.

4. Attach two 2x4s, cut to size, to the floor with screws. Place cabinets on top and secure to the apron with more screws.

5. You can use a variety of countertops, but we went with butcher block. It gives a high end look, but we saved money by purchasing prefab pieces. Attach your counter to the island by screwing up into the underside of the counter through the cabinets.

This island will look like a million bucks, provide you with new storage, and save you a whole lot of money!
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