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Eco-Friendly Urban Sun Porch Transformation

Homeowners Adrienne and Justin are craving a boho chic look for their sun porch, but only have $350 to spend on the entire room. Watch Monica and Jess completely makeover the space and give it a gorgeous high-end look with their small budget.
Homeowners Adrienne and Justin want to transform their drab sun porch into a hip, urban, garden room. Style bloggers Monica and Jess are faced with the challenge to give this young couple the luxurious room of their dreams while remaining eco-friendly. With all attention on new baby Cyrus, Adrienne and Justin haven't had the time or money to finish their outdoor paradise. The homeowners have only $350 to spend on this sunroom extension, and Monica and Jess only have two days to make it happen.

With dreams of a sun porch oasis, Adrienne is looking for an urban feel in the back of her suburban home while Justin craves a relaxing space to enjoy the breeze. Both homeowners are incredibly environmentally conscious, so they want to keep this project green. Recycling projects and out-of-the-box methods are right up Monica and Jess's ally, so hopefully this dynamic duo can complete this green sun porch within the budget.

To begin, Monica and Adrienne paint the entire room, including the brick wall, a crisp white to open the space. To add a pop of color, they paint the ceiling peach. To be more eco-friendly, the team uses non-VOC paint to eliminate toxins and decrease fumes.

Adrienne and Justin's inspiration photos included pricy garden walls that usually run anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. Instead of purchasing vintage metal boxes to make a garden wall, Jess and Justin use inexpensive materials and organic ingredients to cut the price significantly. Jess and Justin cut small pieces of pine to make small planter boxes with five sides that they will attach to a 4 by 6 foot piece of plywood. Since traditional stain products contain a lot of chemicals, they stain the wood using apple vinegar and steel wool. Since the two different types of wood react to the stain differently, it will give the project a unique look.

In order to make the sun porch feel like a part of the house, Monica enhances the current screen windows by adding window panes. Using inexpensive 1X1 pieces of wood, Monica and Adrienne are able to create a high-end look for just under $7 per pane. The panes instantly make the room look more chic and sophisticated.

With such a beautiful view, homeowners Adrienne and Justin need a comfortable place to sit and enjoy it. Jess and Adrienne hack a papasan chair and make it match their urban, chic image. By removing the top of the chair and tying 8ft sturdy ropes to the beams, Jess and Adrienne create a hanging chair. By putting some faux sheepskin on the bottom and adding pillows, they'll make this chair instantly stylish.

In a room made for gardening, storage space is a must! Monica and Justin tackle this next potentially expensive project in a creative way. By painting dresser drawers and securely nailing them into the wall panels, Monica and Justin are able to make a wall storage unite for close to nothing. They paint the inside of the drawer in bright colors that match the room's accents and secure them to the wall with screws and brackets. The drawers add a fun, vintage touch to the space, plus some needed storage.

Naturally a sun porch allows a lot of light in, so curtains are crucial. Rather than purchasing expensive bohemian curtains, Jess and Adrienne redecorate their old curtains using a bleach pen. By using bleach on some old navy blue sheets, they create a great design for nearly nothing, while adding softness to the space with fabric.

Monica and Justin use inexpensive pillow cases and scrap leather to create high-end looking pillowcases. To simplify the process, Monica and Justin use leather adhesive to attach the scrapes to the pillowcase. They then lay faux sheep skin on the new swing chair for comfort.

Meanwhile, Monica and Justin have some more eco-friendly fun with an artistic masterpiece made from reclaimed wood and homemade organic solutions. The two cut the slabs of reclaimed wood in to a triangle pattern then stain different portions using foods from the kitchen. Beets, spinach, and coffee mixture create a red glaze, while the tea and coffee concoctions produce tan pigments. It creates a unique look and uses recycled materials!

Monica and Jess ask the homeowners to jet so they can add some finishing touches, including one last project. They create tiered planters using scrap pieces of wood from the garden wall project and some rope, which are trendy and fully functional.

When Adrienne and Justin see their sun porch for the first time, they are shocked that Monica and Jess nailed their ideas. It would have been easy to spend $2,000 to $4,000 on this boho chic sun porch, but Monica and Jess accomplished the task for just $342! Now Adrienne and Justin can catch a breeze in this urban garden in style, without spending all their cash!
Segment 1
Plan for Sun Porch Makeover
Plan for Sun Porch Makeover
Designers Monica and Jess figure out how to transform this suburban sun porch into an stylish oasis with an urban feel, all for a budget of $350 and using environmentally-friendly methods.
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Segment 2
DIY Garden Wall
DIY Garden Wall
Garden walls are very on-trend right now, but if you want to purchase one, you'll have to shell out some serious cash! Not so with this easy DIY project made with wood and stained with natural materials.
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Segment 3
DIY Urban Hanging Chair
DIY Urban Hanging Chair
Turning an ugly, dated papasan into a cool hanging chair could not be any easier. Get the step by step instructions for this easy DIY project for your sun porch or even your living room!
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Segment 4
DIY Dresser Drawer Shelves
DIY Dresser Drawer Shelves
Don't throw out an old, broken dresser! Take out the drawers and use them as interesting and stylish shelves. We painted the inside of these shelves to use as storage for garden tools and supplies.
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Segment 5
DIY Reclaimed Wood Art
DIY Reclaimed Wood Art
Create some unique wall art out of reclaimed wood, stained with items from your kitchen, like vegetables, fruits, coffee and tea! This easy DIY project is perfectly stylish and eco-friendly.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Urban Sun Porch
See how Monica and Jess remodeled this sun porch from suburban blah to urban boho chic using recycled materials and eco-friendly methods, all for under $350.
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