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Dull Sunroom Transformed into Bright, Comfortable Space

Design bloggers Monica and Jess turn a couple's dull sunroom into an updated and comfortable space. They used their best design tricks to get a high-end look in the room on a budget of just $500 to $600.
Monica and Jess love to stay on their toes with DIY projects. So when they received a call for help from a couple looking to transform their indoor/outdoor sunroom, they couldn't say no! But when the couple wasn't too sure about the design plans, Monica and Jess needed to do some convincing.

Homeowners Barb and Derek have high-end taste and have sent over some inspiration photos representing what they want in their breezy sunroom. It would cost thousands of dollars to replicate the magazine-like style the homeowners want. So, Monica and Jess have their work cut out for them. They plan to DIY their way to a custom look in the room for less!

Are Barb and Derek on board with the cost-cutting design tricks? Monica and Jess are willing to find out!

Barb and Derek love their sunroom, but are having trouble utilizing the indoor/outdoor space. With a $500 to $600 budget, these two are hoping to finally decorate the space and make it a place they can enjoy with friends and family.

First, Jess and Barb work on wood panels to make the sunroom feel more like an indoor space. Jess transforms plywood into clean, simple wall panels. Topped off with decorative molding and finished with white paint, the panels look professional and high-end. Jess shows Barb that you don't need a ton of money to have great style.

Then, Monica and Derek tackle building an outdoor sectional from scratch! Using basic 2x4s and some power tools, they make a high-quality looking sectional for less.

Meanwhile, Jess and Barb paint sunny yellow stripes on the sunroom siding. This adds a bright, much-needed pop of color to the space.

Monica and Derek get to work dying curtain panels for an ombre effect. They use regular dye and inexpensive curtains to create custom decorations for the sunroom.

Jess and Monica paint the floor with a concrete-specific paint. This adds to the overall feel of the room and makes it look more polished.

After finding a way to make an expensive floor rug for less, Monica shows Barb how it's done. Monica lays down a stencil on the rug and spray paints it to add a unique design to an otherwise plain rug.

Another trick Jess shows Derek is how to make a drop-down table for entertaining family and guests. They use paint and other simple items to create a custom table that's great for get-togethers.

While Monica and Barb work on staining the custom outdoor sectional to give it a high-end feel, Jess and Derek work on installing the custom wall panels they built.

After two days of painting and decorating, designers Monica and Jess have finished the complete transformation of Barb and Derek's sunroom. The new look is a useful and comfortable outdoor space that they can enjoy with their family and friends.

The homeowners were shocked that Monica and Jess were able to do so much with so little. With only $500 to $600 to spend, this sunroom went from a dull, unused space to a bright, warm, inviting area of Barb and Derek's home.

Segment 1
Design Bloggers Create Plan For Low-Cost Sunroom Makeover
Design Bloggers Create Plan For Low-Cost Sunroom Makeover
Design experts Monica and Jess meet with homeowners Barb and Derek to discuss their vision for their indoor/outdoor sunroom. They want to create a high-end look in the room with only $500 to $600 to spend.
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Segment 2
Wall Panels with Wainscoting
Wall Panels with Wainscoting
Want to make your screened-in sunroom feel more like an indoor space? Add panels to the walls! Jess shows you how to make affordable, weather-proof wall panels from plywood.
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Segment 3
DIY Ombre Curtains
DIY Ombre Curtains
The ombre look is so in right now, so why not add it to your curtain panels? Create beautiful, cost-friendly curtains with colored dye to get this trendy look for less!
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Segment 4
DIY Stenciled Rug
DIY Stenciled Rug
Designer rugs are really pricy, especially ones for outdoor spaces. You can make your own beautiful outdoor rug with just a stencil and spray paint!
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Sunroom
See how Monica and Jess transformed this sunroom from boring to chic.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Project Guide For Sunroom
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos of the DIY projects from the sunroom.
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