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Dormer Window Space to Kids Reading Nook with Magnetic Wall

If you have dormer windows in your home that create an odd space or any other awkward space that's hard to use, consider this great DIY project: a kids' reading nook! This reading spot features front-facing book shelves, a comfy bench and a magnetic wall for magnet play.

Magnetic Wall

We turned one side of this reading nook into a fun place to play with magnets. Using magnetic paint primer, we painted the wall and let it dry. Then we painted over it with our regular wall color. Just add magnets and kids!

Front-Facing Shelves

We made book ledges to create front-facing bookshelves so the kids can see what's available to read.

Cut plywood for the back, bottom and lip portion of the book ledges to length. Screw the three pieces together, inserting the screws from the back so they're hidden. Paint or stain the ledges and hang on the wall.


Finally, we added a bench, a basket of stuffed animal buddies and a knit pouf ottoman under the window to give the kids a cozy spot to curl up with book!

Awkward space transformed into somewhere that's functional and fun!
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