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Designers Craft Plan to Redo Retro Basement

Designers Craft Plan to Redo Retro Basement

With a budget of $900, Monica and Jess hatch a plan to redo this dated 70s basement, turning it into a swanky masculine space where this couple can entertain.

Dark and dated, this retro basement is somewhere that wife Katy doesn't enjoy hanging out. The couple hopes to to redo the space to transform it into a room they can both enjoy.

"This is my grandparents house, so this is I guess where my grandparents hung out with their friends in the 70s," says Chris.

The couple wants this space to have a masculine "man cave" feel, but one that's woman-friendly too. But with just $800 to 900, can Monica and Jess help these homeowners recreate the high-end looks they love?

Monica and Jess come up with a plan to create a fun, sophisticated room on the couple's small budget. They note that the room's grey carpet is in good shape and a nice neutral color that will be easy to work with. In addition, many of the pieces of furniture already in the room can be tweaked to fit in better. They love the retro orange booth along the wall and plan to build a new table in front of it for dining and entertaining. The bloggers want to replace Chris and Katy's vintage orange couch with a couple of club chairs, move the TV and create a bar space in the corner. With a stone exterior and a granite-look-alike countertop, the bar will be small, but classy.

To transform the dated dark-wood paneling, Monica and Jess plan to repaint the walls, which saves money over taking down the paneling and replacing it with drywall. The couple's inspiration photos included a tin-ceiling, which is out of their price range, but the designers hope they can match the industrial, masculine feel with a metal ceiling to replace the tile one currently in the basement. To give the basement a more spacious feel, Monica and Jess hope to take out the drop ceiling and replace the florescent lights with new lighting.

Chris and Katy are excited about Monica and Jess' plan.

"It's going to be kind of weird to go down there and have it actually look like a room instead of my grandparents basement," says Chris. "I'm interested to see what it all looks like when it's all said and done."

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