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Designers Craft Plan to Makeover Outdated Kitchen

Designers Craft Plan to Makeover Outdated Kitchen

With a budget of $2,500, designers Monica and Jess create a plan to completely makeover a cramped, old-fashioned kitchen for a husband to surprise his wife.

Franco says he's always promised his wife, Stacy, that someday they'd redo their kitchen, a cramped, old-fashioned space that just doesn't work for them. To get the job done, he's called in designers Monica Mangin and Jess Jackson to makeover the kitchen as a surprise for Stacy while she's gone for the weekend. But with just two short days to completely redo the space and a budget of $2,500, will the team be able to finish the surprise before Stacy returns?

Franco's wife Stacy loves high-end finishes, like hardwood floors, beautiful cabinets,and granite countertops. The kind of kitchen she loves could easily cost more than $30,000, but Monica and Jess are determined to create a high-end look for way less and in short order. Based on the inspiration photos, Monica and Jess want to make a fresh modern kitchen with more open space. Their first suggestion? To get rid of the wall between their kitchen and dining room.

"It's going to connect your dining room and kitchen and really help for the family and entertaining," says Monica. "It will make the space look so much bigger."

In place of the wall, Monica and Jess want to build an island, like the ones in Stacy's inspriation photos. But their plan hits a potential snag when they find out about a large radiator in the middle of the kitchen. They plan to move the fridge and stove, and Franco has a dishwasher and microwave ready to install as part of the new kitchen.

To update the couple's dated kitchen cabinets, the bloggers plan to paint the cabinets and add molding and hardware to give them a high-end look. They also plan to give the countertops, floors and backsplash new finishes that will look beautiful, but fit in their budget. Since the team has to accomplish this all on such a short time frame, and minus one homeowner, Jess and Monica call in a special guest, their friend and carpenter Mark Bartolomeo. Mark takes a look in the basement and says he thinks the kitchen wall can come down and the radiator moved, but the materials will cost $150 to $175 and take about three hours of work. The team begins taking out the radiator and demolishing the wall.

Monica and Jess start the process of redoing the kitchen cabinets, using a nail gun to apply lattice trim to the border and down the middle of each door. But just as they get going, the weather interrupts them with torrential rain. The powertools and all of the wood for the cabinets get completely wet, putting the team behind when they're already on a short time schedule.

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