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DIY Wine Tasting Room

Wine Tasting Room
Design bloggers Monica and Jess are raising their glasses and creating an old-world inspired wine room. They take two empty rooms and turn them into a space that can be used for entertaining on a budget of just $1,600!
Homeowners Tom and Stacey are ready to complete the last section of their lovely home. Since the couple's three children dominate the rest of the house, Tom and Stacey want to create a vintage wine room for some after-work relaxing and entertaining. After committing a classic DIY rookie mistake of spending too much money on new flooring, Tom and Stacey need design bloggers Monica and Jess to help them fill their large empty space for under $1,600.

Monica and Jess definitely have their work cut out for them since the space is two rooms, but since it's completely empty, the visionary best friend bloggers can let their imagination run wild. Tom and Stacey are looking for a laid-back space but with a sophisticated feel. The inspiration photo's featured some incredibly chic, expensive elements ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

One of the high ticket items seen in Tom and Stacey's inspirations photos was a tasting table. The tasting tables they envisioned would cost about $2,500, but, of course, Monica is on it with a cheaper solution. By cutting a top, bottom, and middle piece of plywood to create an "I" shape, Monica and Tom construct the legs of the table. The height and length of the table is completely up to them since they are doing all of the cutting. After adding the top of the table to the three legs, staining, and painting the wood, Monica and Tom created a customized statement table for the wine tasting zone of the room.

An old world wine cellar wouldn't be complete without stone walls, but hiring an artisan to put stone finish on the wall is simply too expensive. In order to achieve that crumbling wall finish, Jess and Tom use three different colors of plaster paint. With a trowels, Jess and Tom pile the gold, navy, and copper brass paint onto the pre-painted taupe wall. But Jess isn't so sure about how it's turning out. It looks too splotchy, like a kid's art project. So, Monica and Jess work through the method and find a new way of applying the paint - skim coating the entire surface with the navy blue plaster and then mixing the paints together to apply another layer. The team breathes a sigh of relief that the backdrop for this amazing room isn't a flop!

Because this room is actually two rooms, the designers have planned two separate areas - a wine tasting room and a lounge setting. Monica and Stacy get working on a relaxed coffee table, similar to the ones featured in Stacey's inspiration photos, which cost $1,300. Stacey and Monica cut two plywood 2x4s at a 45 degree angle, which will serve at the legs of the coffee table. To create the top, they loosely secure a straight edge in the center of the table and create a compass to draw a perfect circle. They then attach the legs in and "X" formation on the ground and use the legs on four sides of the circle top. Just add some stain and paint, and this $27 coffee table is finished.

Many of vintage elements found in Tom and Stacey's photos can be really hard to come by. Jess recreates the look of vintage wine crates by transferring wine labels from printer paper to crates by rubbing and then filling them in with paint before staining and sanding them to look distressed. Meanwhile, Monica and Stacey make a chic s serving tray for cheese with a painted chalkboard paint surface so they can label each kind for their guests while they're entertaining.

With the hopes of entertaining the neighborhood, Tom and Stacey will need storage space for their linens and plates. Using a ready-to-assemble piece of furniture, Jess is happy to hack this boring dresser into one that looks like a vintage card catalog. They start by stapling 12 square pieces of wood onto the dresser drawers and then paint the drawers an eggshell white and nail fun brackets onto each piece of wood. Even though the dresser drawers are still full length, the facade looks like individual vintage catalogue drawers.

In addition to storage space for linens, the couple needs a creative way to store their wine glasses. Using a piece of 1X10 pine and T molding left over from the expensive DIY floor installations, Monica and Stacey create a hanging wine glass rack. They cut the pine and measure even spaces large enough to fit the base of a wine glass. After attaching six strips of the T molding onto the pine wood, the dangling storage is mounted to the wall using brackets on the bottom side. On the flat shelf side, they attach chains to give the design a vintage feel. Not only is the bottom side used for wine glass storage but the top side serves as a flat decorative shelf.

Monica and Jess have one more surprise for Tom and Stacey. By building a square outline using 1X4s and short lengths of PVC piping, the innovative designers create an elegant wine bottle storage rack. They stack the PVC pipe into the square exterior, glue it secure, and paint it with two different types of spray paint. Who knew that PVC pipe was so stylish?

This entertainer's utopia was more than Tom and Stacey could have ever wished for. Their once empty rooms are now a luxurious, vintage, chic space ready for relaxing as well as hosting adults.

Monica and Jess had to completely fill two spaces for only $1,600. Although it was close they managed to spend only $1,594 on the two rooms! Now Tom and Stacey can cheers in style in their vintage, chic, old world wine room.
Segment 1
Plan for Wine Tasting Room
Plan for Wine Tasting Room
Designers Monica and Jess come up with a plan to turn this completely empty room into a chic space for entertaining and wine tasting with a budget of $1,600.
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DIY Faux Plaster Wall Treatment
DIY Faux Plaster Wall Treatment
Here's how to turn builder-basic walls into old world chic with a weathered crumbled stone effect like you see in wine cellars, without breaking the bank!
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DIY Card Catalog Cabinet
DIY Card Catalog Cabinet
Cool vintage card catalogs are one of those pieces of furniture that are hard to come by. They're either really expensive or are on lockdown by their original owners. No problem! Here's how to knock off these vintage pieces with some brand new dressers, paint, cool hardware and luan!
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DIY Wine Glass Shelf and Storage
DIY Wine Glass Shelf and Storage
It's one thing to have storage for your precious wine collection, but what about the glasses for drinking that wine? Here's how to build stylish shelves that can serve as decor, but also hold lots and lots of wine glasses. It's beautiful and functional!
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Before and After Photos: Wine Tasting Room
See how Monica and Jess transformed an empty room into a chic place for drinking wine and entertaining!
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide for Wine Tasting Room
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos on the projects for the old world wine-tasting room.
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