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DIY Wall Mural

Art can be expensive, so sometimes it's better (and more fun) to create your own! For this pirate-inspired room, Monica and Jess painted a treasure map mural. Using the same technique you could add just about anything to your walls.

There's only one special tool you'll need for this project -- a projector! You can purchase mini handheld projectors at office supply stores or you can try and borrow one from a local school.

1. Project your image onto the wall, dim the lights, and use a pencil to start tracing! It's kind of tricky to avoid your own shadow, but just pretend you're Peter Pan and have some fun with it!

2. After you've traced your shape, turn the lights back on and get ready to make it pop! We like to use paint pens because they're inexpensive and really simple to use -- it's like coloring for adults! One tip for you... don't use permanent markers on walls -- when you want to paint over them, they will bleed right through your new paint. They're definitely not a good option for this project.

3. The options for this project are endless and it's an awesome way to fill a huge space without investing a ton of money in artwork!

If you want more information about this project or any of the other projects in this room, check out Jess and Monica's blog, East Coast Creative!

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