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DIY Stenciled Rug

Designer rugs are really pricy, especially ones for outdoor spaces. You can make your own beautiful outdoor rug with just a stencil and spray paint!

There's no need to spend a ton of money for a stylish outdoor rug! This totally customizable project will give you a high-end look alike rug using inexpensive materials that you can find at your home improvement store! You'll need:
  • neutral colored outdoor rug
  • large stencil
  • exterior spray paint
  • spray adhesive
  • newspaper

1. Choose a neutral-colored outdoor rug. You can find these online or at the home improvement store for around $20 for an 8x10 rug. Our local store only carries them in three colors, so we chose gray for this particular room.

2. Decide on the stencil pattern you want to use and spray the back with adhesive. Lay it down on the rug, starting at the upper corner. Cover the rug that surrounds the stencil with newspaper and tape in place with painters tape.

3. Using exterior spray paint in the color of your choice, spray at a downward angle about 4-6 inches from the rug. Be really careful to spray down the entire time, so that the paint doesn't bleed under the stencil.

4. Remove stencil, spray with adhesive and continue the process until the entire rug has been stenciled. For added detail, we added a white border around the outside edge, which cleaned it up and made it look more high-end. For around $25, you now have a fun outdoor rug that no one else in the world has! That's why we love these DIY projects - you can customize them to fit your space, style, and budget!

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