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DIY Sleek Modern Buffet Made From Shoe Racks

Need storage for your dining room, but don't want to shell out big bucks for a sleek modern buffet at a furniture store? Here's an easy DIY project you can do at home to create your own buffet table, complete with shelves and a wine rack.

We used several inexpensive wood shoe organizers to create one awesome modern buffet! Talk about thinking outside the box or outside the dining room!

Materials Needed:
  • One 15 cube wood shoe organizer
  • two 2-shelf wood shoe organizers
  • furniture legs
  • MDF
  • paint
1. Assemble the shoe organizers and figure out a layout that works best for you. Our 2-shelf organizers were a bit taller than the 15 cube unit, so we cut them down a bit using a saw so that the height of them stacked together matched the cubby unit.

2. Attach the units together using a nail gun.

3. Build a frame out of MDF that surrounds the shoe organizers and tack together using the same nail gun. Sand and use wood filler on any nail holes and cracks.

4. Attach the furniture legs at all four corners of the unit. We thought that the legs at regular height made our buffet too tall, so we cut them down a bit.

5. Since the shoe organizers were smooth and shiny, we opted to spray paint the unit instead of paint with latex wall paint. Any color will work, but we absolutely love the way it looks in turquoise!

Fill your new buffet with bottles of wine, plates, linens etc. Now you've got a one-of-a-kind buffet that will be the focus of all of our dinner parties! Easy as pie. For more details on this project or other projects from this episode, visit Monica and Jess' blog East Coast Creative.

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