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DIY Dresser Drawer Shelves

Don't throw out an old, broken dresser! Take out the drawers and use them as interesting and stylish shelves. We painted the inside of these shelves to use as storage for garden tools and supplies.

Materials Needed:
  • Several old drawers removed from the dresser
  • one bracket per drawer
  • paint
  • nail gun
  • painters tape
  • hardware
  • level
1. Remove the drawers from the dresser. It's up to you whether or not you keep the hardware on the drawers. We loved the look of ours, but if you decide to take them off, fill the holes with wood filler, sand and let dry.

2. For a funky painted look, we painted the backs of the drawers on some and the inside sides on the others with bold colors. To do this, tape off the area you're not painting and use a small angled paint brush to cover the exposed area with paint. Remove the tape and let dry.

3. Decide on the arrangement on the walls. If the front of your drawers are flat, you can stack them in a cluster arrangement, or if the fronts are curved (like ours were), you can hang them separately. Once you've determined the layout, make marks on the wall where the bracket will go. We used one bracket per shelf.

4. Screw the brackets into the wall and then into the bottom of each shelf. Then, for extra stability, tack a few nails into the back of each drawer shelf to hold them in place. Do this for each drawer shelf.

There's nothing boring about these shelves! They offer storage, but act as a piece of art as well!
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