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DIY Dining Room Chair Set from Mismatched Thrifted Chairs

What do you do when you have a small budget and can't afford to spend $200 apiece on dining room chairs? Upcycle several different thrifted chairs into a unique set with a little paint and some new fabric!

Materials Needed:
  • Thrifted dining chairs
  • paint sprayer (if you have one! If not, a brush will work just as well)
  • paint plus primer
  • sanding block
  • fabric (about 1/2 yard per chair)
  • staple gun
  • scissors
1. Purchase chairs at a thrift store. Look for chairs with solid construction, and be sure to check underneath the seat to make sure you can remove the upholstered seat easily. Then, remove the upholstered seats by unscrewing the screws at each corner of the seat. Save those screws for later!

2. Sand the chairs well using a sanding block. The key here is to remove any glossiness so that the paint adheres well. Rough it up, but don't worry about completely stripping the paint.

3. Paint the chairs. To unify these different thrift store paint, we painted them all the same color: white. So even though they don't match each other exactly, painting them the same color will definitely make them look like a part of a set. We prefer using a paint sprayer for chairs like these, but if you don't have one, a brush and mini roller will work just as well! Be sure to use a paint plus primer to cut down on extra time painting. Even so, prepare to do a couple of even coats for full coverage!

4. While the paint dries, lay the seat upside down on your fabric. We are loving up the look of our white chairs paired with faux leather! Cut the fabric so that you have about 1-2 inches of overlap all the way around the seat. Beginning on one side, pull the fabric tight towards the center of the seat and staple into place. Continue pulling tight and stapling until you come to a corner. Take the corner of the fabric and fold it in towards the center of the seat. Staple in place. Overlap the side flap and staple.

5. Re-attach the newly upholstered seats to the chair frames with the screws you saved.

Step back and gaze lovingly at the chairs that saved you big bucks and add a bit of spunk to your dining room! For more details on this project or other projects from this episode, visit Monica and Jess' blog East Coast Creative.

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