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DIY Concrete Dining Table

A concrete top table is perfect for a modern space, but can cost thousands. Here's how to make your own concrete dining room table for under $50 with this easy DIY project!

Materials Needed:
  • Thrifted dining table
  • 2 sheets of MDF
  • trowel
  • mortar mix
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • water
  • table saw
1. Remove the table top from the thrifted table and set aside. You'll only be using the base. Make sure you choose a table base that is really sturdy- something that can hold the weight of concrete!

2. Trim your MDF to 3.5 feet wide by 7 feet long. Attach the two pieces of MDF together, right on top of one another.

3.To create the temporary frame, cut the leftover MDF into two 7 foot long and two 3.5 feet long strips at approximately 2 1/4 inches thick. When you attach the strips to the sides of the table, you want a 1/4 inch lip on the top all the way around. Tack the strips together on the outside of the table with a few nails. Don't worry - this frame isn't permanent so it doesn't have to look pretty!

4. Mix the mortar mix with water in the five-gallon bucket, following the directions on the mix. Using a trowel, spread the mix on top of the table, making it as smooth as possible and flush with the lip of the frame. Take your time so that there are no seams, cracks or bubbles. Let concrete dry for 24-48 hours before moving to the next step. Read the instructions on your mortar mix, as drying times may vary.

5. Carefully remove the temporary frame. Mix another batch of mortar mix and carefully spread a thin layer of the concrete on the exposed edges of the table. Let dry appropriate time.

6. Attach a few 2x4 the top of the thrifted table base to act as support for the new table. Place the concrete table on top of the supports and screw into place from the bottom.

7. Seal the concrete table with a water-based polyurethane.

No one will ever believe that you made your own concrete table for under $100! It's modern, chic and fabulous! For more details on this project or other projects from this episode, visit Monica and Jess' blog East Coast Creative.
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