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Cottage Chic Craft Room Makeover

Monica and Jess turn a dark basement office into a cozy chic cottage craft room for a young mom with some great DIY projects like a beadboard ceiling, a large craft table, a scrapbook paper accent wall and plenty of cute and functional craft storage.
This week's project has Monica and Jess especially excited as they are helping a young couple, Matt and Kelly, to get the ultimate craft room Kelly has been longing for. With a love for crafting, Monica and Jess are eager to get started on turning the drab room into an efficient work and storage space with a chic, cottage-inspired look.

Being a young couple with two kids, Matt would like to give Kelly a craft room retreat that fits her expensive taste while matching the couple's moderate budget of $1,000. While Matt goes to work during the day, Kelly stays home with their two children and then enjoys spending her evenings crafting in this room, so Matt would like to turn this space into the ultimate "mom cave" for his wife.

The inspiration photos that Matt and Kelly have sent are of a high-end cottage look that Kelly would like to replicate in the space. The couple envisions a modern country cottage theme, with added color and more aesthetically pleasing lighting to brighten the space. Before Monica and Jess can even begin to tackle the room, one thing that is going to become a necessary addition is some much needed additional storage.

The overall look that Kelly would like for her craft space could easily cost the couple a fortune if they were to adhere to pieces seen in high-end catalogs. But being the avid crafters that they are, Monica and Jess are adamant about making Kelly's vision come true while sticking to the couple's budget of $1,000.

Kelly and Monica start by replicating the rustic wood planked ceiling in Kelly's inspiration photos. A real wood-planked ceiling would cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000, but Monica has found a way to give the room the same cottage look for only $150 by replacing the room's drop-ceiling tiles with tiles cut out of beadboard.

Kelly's room needs more storage and work space, so Jess and Matt get started on using Kelly's existing craft desk to create a larger craft table that also doubles as a storage unit. Jess shows Matt how they can combine the small desk that was original to the room with an old kitchen shelf that Monica and Jess found at a thrift store in order to create an upcycled craft table which will sit in the room much like a kitchen island.

In the midst of creating storage units for the room, Monica and Matt painted the room a pretty, soft pink color which will brighten up the room and give it that feminine cottage feel that Kelly is hoping for.

Since a crafter can never have too much storage space, Jess and Kelly get to work on creating cabinets to hold all of Kelly's essential crafting supplies. Buying expensive cabinets like the ones in Kelly's inspiration photos would cost thousands, Jess and Kelly combine various cabinets that Jess found at a thrift store and paint them all a bright aqua color. Kelly is skeptical about how cohesive the cabinet system is going to look, but Jess is positive that painting the entire unit the same color will bring the piece together and fit in with the overall modern cottage theme of the room.

Meanwhile, Monica and Jess get started on replacing the original florescent lighting with a recessed lighting. Not only do the lights blend in better with the new beadboard ceiling, but they also will produce a more aesthetically pleasing light for the room.

Next, Jess and Kelly create an accent wall with scrapbook paper. After cutting various pieces of vibrant colored scrapbook paper into hexagons, Jess and Kelly attach the hexagons to the wall in an asymmetrical pattern. The finished product is a perfect craft room accent wall resembles a quilt.

To bring the entire room together, Monica and Jess install the painted storage cabinets and work on two more storage projects: a custom pegboard and a fabric storage rack. A custom pegboard will provide Kelly with an organized system for storing all of her crafting tools and the storage rack will both help her organize her fabric while also displaying it and giving the room pops of color.

After Monica and Jess put all of the finishing touches on the room, they bring Kelly and Matt in to see the final craft room retreat, and Kelly is blown away! Matt is really impressed by the room and says it's just what he hoped for for Kelly.

In the end, Monica and Jess decided to break the craft room up into different zones or work stations in order to provide Kelly with a better sense of organization as well as to give the room some flow. Starting with a sewing station, then moving to the craft table and storage unit at the back of the room, all of Kelly's materials now have a place so that she can find anything she needs very easily while she is crafting.

The light pink and aqua blue color scheme, beadboard ceiling and the scrapbook paper accent wall give the room a very clean cottage chic look. The new warmer lighting also makes the room more pleasant to be in.

Considering Kelly's expensive taste, the room could have easily withstood a budget of almost $10,000, but from successfully recreating looks that Kelly has seen in her favorite catalogs, Monica and Jess were able to create the entire room under budget at $965.

Segment 1
Plan for Craft Room Makeover
Plan for Craft Room Makeover
Monica and Jess are helping Kelly transform her dark basement craft room into a cottage-inspired craft room retreat. But with just $1,000, can these two designers pull off her high-end hopes and create an organized and functional space Kelly's creative talents? Watch as they put together a plan for her craft room makeover.
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Segment 2
DIY Drop Ceiling Makeover with Cottage Chic Beadboard Tiles
DIY Drop Ceiling Makeover with Cottage Chic Beadboard Tiles
Got an ugly drop ceiling you're dying to get rid of? Here's how you can use inexpensive beadboard panels to create the look of a planked ceiling, giving you a trendy cottage chic look in place of office blah, with an easy DIY project.
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Segment 3
DIY Craft Table with Storage
DIY Craft Table with Storage
Don't throw away that old craft table just because you've outgrown it! This project utilizes pre-built furniture pieces and turns them into one giant crafting area! If you don't have a craft desk, you could do this same project with two bookshelves.
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Segment 4
DIY Craft Storage Cabinets from Mismatched Kitchen Cabinets
DIY Craft Storage Cabinets from Mismatched Kitchen Cabinets
Spending money on custom cabinetry for extra storage is completely unnecessary. You can use several mismatched cabinets to create a cohesive look, like these cabinets found at a salvage store that specialized in building materials for less than $15 per each. With a little work, paint and new hardware, you can build your own custom workspace!
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Segment 5
DIY Quilt-Inspired Accent Wall from Scrapbook Paper
DIY Quilt-Inspired Accent Wall from Scrapbook Paper
Here's how to create an easy DIY accent wall with loads of cottage chic style for under $20 using simple scrapbook paper cutouts.
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Segment 6
DIY Fabric Storage and Display Rack
DIY Fabric Storage and Display Rack
A common problem for quilters, sewers and crafters alike is what to do with all those fabric scraps. Here's an easy DIY project that solves the problem with a super easy and stylish way to organize all the scraps and create a nice display for your walls, as well!
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Segment 7
DIY Pegboard Craft Supply Storage and Organization
DIY Pegboard Craft Supply Storage and Organization
Need a way to store all your craft supplies, like ribbon, glitter, glue, scissors, wrapping paper and more? Create your own organization station from a pegboard and watch all your craft items get instantly organized with this easy DIY project.
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide for Cottage Chic Craft Room
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos for projects from the cottage chic craft room makeover.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Cottage Chic Craft Room
See how Monica and Jess transformed this boring basement into a ultra-feminine craft room complete with storage, organization and plenty of space for creativity
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