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Closet to Kids' Dress Up Station Makeover

What used to be a plain old closet was transformed into a fun place to play dress up! With simple shelves, a mirror, hooks and a little paint, see how to create a great place to play by reimagining the function of a space.

Finding a place to store all of the toys that kids accumulate is not always easy! If you have an extra closet like these homeowner's did, turn it into a toy storage and dress up area that has function and style! Here are the elements we used to make this space shine:

1. Paint and Potato Stamping

To make this new kid-friendly area feel cohesive with the rest of the room, remove the closet doors and repair any holes. Paint the inside of the closet the same color as the rest of the walls in the space. Dress up the walls with a homemade stamp using a potato or kitchen sponge. Cut into any shape you want, dip in paint, offload onto a paper towel and stamp onto the wall. So easy and inexpensive!

2. Shelves and Toy Storage

We used a combination of shelves and cubbies to create lots of storage. Look for containers, baskets and bins that coordinate with the rest of the room.

3. Dress Up Dreams

Kids love dress up, so it's fun to create a place for them to do it. We added a mirror and hooks so they could hang up their costumes. Make sure to hang the hooks and the mirror at heights that are kid-friendly!

Voila! This boring closet became a great place to play!
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