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Boy's Bedroom Fit for a Pirate

Bloggers Monica and Jess are designing a pirate-themed room for nine-year-old Jack. His parents are hoping to surprise him for his birthday with a new room, so the designers only have a day to complete the room makeover. With a budget of $700, they are going to have to get creative and work fast!
Although this themed-room project is a little different from what Monica and Jess are used to, they are ready for the challenge. Parents Jennifer and David would love to surprise their son Jack with a new room inspired by his favorite movie, the Pirates of the Caribbean. With a small budget and big aspirations for the makeover, they know they will have to get thrifty.

"We'd really love for this to be the dream room of any 9-year old-boy," said Jennifer.

Monica and Jess are worried about the budget after seeing Jennifer and Dave's wish list, which includes wood planked walls and expensive looking bunk beds, but they come up with the perfect plan, which includes a few do-it-yourself projects that anyone can do!

To give the room the authentic pirate ship feel, like the Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean, the designers install paneling on the wall. Dave is skeptical since he just removed a ton of paneling from his old house, but Monica has a few tricks up her sleeve. She will use light paneling and hang it horizontal instead of vertical so it does not remind Dave of the 1980's. With a few quick cuts and a nail gun, this cheap project gives a great base to a pirate ship look.

They paint the room navy to give it a nautical feel and then add a treasure map mural to one of the walls.

Next up, Jess tries to tackle the problem of making high-end bunk beds on a very low budget. Not only that, but she has to figure out a way to suspend them from the wall for a super cool look! Using inexpensive 2x6 pine wood, Jess shows Dave how to build the outside of the bed frame. Dave is suspicious of hanging them from the wall with boys jumping on them. But, Jess uses specially engineered screws and finds galvanized pipes in the basement that work perfect for installing the bunk beds.

With a few precious moments before Jack comes home to see his new room, Monica, Jess and the homeowners rush to finish the room. They add accessories like swords, treasure chests and porthole mirrors to make this boy's bedroom a one-of-a-kind pirate ship.

Homeowners Jennifer and Dave can't believe they were able to create such a high-end look for only $700.

Budget Breakdown:

Planked Walls:
High-End Retail Price - $1,500 - $2,000
Knock It Off! Price - $112

Bunk Beds:
High-end Retail Price - $2,500
Knock It Off! Price - $175

Dresser and Desk:
High-end Retail Price - $1,000
Knock It Off! Price - $20

Accessory Total $393

Total Room Budget: $700

Segment 1
Designers Come Up With Budget-Friendly Plan for Pirate-Themed Room
Designers Come Up With Budget-Friendly Plan for Pirate-Themed Room
Bloggers Monica and Jess set sail on a difficult journey to create a pirate-themed bedroom for less than $700 for nine year-old Jack. His parents want to the room makeover to be a birthday surprise.
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Segment 2
How To Install Planked Walls
How To Install Planked Walls
Paneling has a come a long way and it is an inexpensive way to add character to a room -- especially a boy's pirate-themed room!
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Segment 3
DIY Suspended Bunk Beds
DIY Suspended Bunk Beds
Bunk beds are a lot of fun for kids, but they're even more fun when you suspend them from the walls! These bunk beds are made to look like your child is sleeping on a pirate's ship.
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Segment 4
DIY Wall Mural
DIY Wall Mural
Art can be expensive, so sometimes it's better (and more fun) to create your own! For this pirate-inspired room, Monica and Jess painted a treasure map mural. Using the same technique you could add just about anything to your walls.
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Photo Gallery
Project Guide For Pirate-Themed Room
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos of the DIY projects from the boy's pirate-themed room.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Pirate-Themed Room
Go behind the scenes as Monica and Jess make over a boy's room in a pirate theme.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Boys Pirate-Themed Bedroom
Before and After Photos: Boy's Pirate-Themed Bedroom
Watch the transformation as bloggers Monica and Jess create a pirate-themed bedroom for nine-year-old Jack.
See Photo Gallery

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