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Boring Dining Room Goes Farmhouse Chic

This couple wants to turn their standard suburban dining room into a rustic farmhouse space for eating and entertaining. For just $600, can bloggers and designers Monica and Jess give this bland room an authentic farmhouse feel?
Nate and Kara live in a pretty typical cookie-cutter suburban home, but they'd like to take it in a completely different direction: a rustic-style farmhouse. To kick off this style renovation, they'd like to start with their dining room, but they only have $500 to 600 to make it happen. Can Monica and Jess make it happen?

The couple's inpsiration photos have gorgeous pieces like a large rustic dining room table that probably costs between $1500 and $3000 and unique lighting fixtures that run at least $500 a piece. But Monica and Jess want to make some simple changes to take this room from a standard new construction dining room to an older farmhouse look with a lot of character. To make it happen, they'll need to come up with a new dining room table, a plan to cover up the room's columns, and a new chandelier, plus a rug they're going to make and a totally new color for the room. Jess has a secret plan for a light fixture, which even Monica doesn't know about!

To get started, the couple helps Monica and Jess move all the furniture out of the room, and Jess and Kara get going painting the walls. What color will the room be? Kara is surprised to find that they're painting the room a simple white, but Jess promises it will look beautiful with the natural wood elements and pops of color they're planning for the rest of the room.

Meanwhile, Nate and Monica get working on the room's statement piece: a large rustic dining room table. To make it happen under budget, Monica takes two smaller dining room tables she picked up at a big box store and attaches them together by creating a chunky pine tabletop. To make it look like an older piece and not new construction, the team takes nails, screws, a hammer and a chain to distress the table before they stain it a rich walnut color.

To change the room's feel, Monica and Jess took out the room's old chair rail moulding and replaced it with a 5" wide piece of chunky pine stained in the same rich walnut color, a project that cost only $40 total.

Next, Monica and Jess get working on Jess' secret light fixture  a rustic chandelier made from mason jars. The problem? Jess has the idea, but she doesn't exactly know how it's going to work, so she enlists Monica to help her figure it out.

To make the room look authentic, Jess and Nate work on covering up the room's white roman columns with walnut-stained wood to make them into large rustic posts, like the kind you would see in a barn.

The couple's inspriation photos included beautiful handmade rugs, which often run a few thousand dollars each, but Monica has a DIY project that costs less than $40. She picked up four rag-style rugs for $7, and she and Kara sew them together to create a 10'x14' rug to go under the rustic dining room table.

After finding some old quilts up in Kara and Nate's attic that were just lying around collecting dust, Monica and Jess use them to add a pop of color in the room, by putting pieces of the quilts in a picture frames they had lying around. After arranging the framed quilts in a grid like pattern, they created colorful wall décor that added instant life to the room.

Finally, it's time for Monica and Jess to put on the finishing touches before the big reveal. What do Nate and Kara think? They love it. The new room brings tears to Kara's eyes. The room now has a rustic appeal that looks a hundred years old, but was created in just a few days. Along with the rustic dining room table, Monica and Jess built benches to match to create a large area for seating and entertaining. The table and benches together cost just $225. The couple loves the chair rail and the rustic columns, which really frame the room, a project that cost $120 total. Jess' DIY mason jar chandelier was $75, Monica's large rag rug ran just $35, and the rest of the room's accessories totaled just $140. And grand total? Monica and Jess came in under budget again, with the entire room costing just $595.

"It's amazing when you're willing to build things yourself and think way outside of the box, you can come up with some great ideas and save a ton of money," says Monica.
Segment 1
Designers Plan a Rustic Makeover for Plain Dining Room
Designers Plan a Rustic Makeover for Plain Dining Room
Nate and Kara want a rustic farmhouse look for their cookie-cutter suburban dining room. Monica and Jess help them craft a plan to makeover the room for less than $600.
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Segment 2
DIY Farmhouse Table
DIY Farmhouse Table
Want a rustic-looking table that belongs in an old farmhouse without the high price tag? Here's how to DIY your own farmhouse table for under $225.
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Segment 3
DIY Mason Jar Chandelier
DIY Mason Jar Chandelier
Rustic chandeliers are pretty, but they can also cost a pretty penny. But you can DIY this mason jar chandelier for under $75!
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Segment 4
Framed Quilt Art
Framed Quilt Art
If you've got old quilts sitting in the attic collecting dust, here's how you can repurpose them to create beautiful rustic wall art with an easy DIY project.
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Segment 5
DIY Large Rustic Area Rug
DIY Large Rustic Area Rug
Big area rugs can cost thousands, especially ones that are handmade. Here's how to create your own rustic rug, perfect for a farmhouse-style room, for under $40.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Project Guide for Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos for projects from rustic farmhouse dining room makeover.
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Photo Gallery
Before and After Photos: Rustic Dining Room
See how Monica and Jess transformed this plain dining room into a rustic farmhouse space for eating and entertaining.
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