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Bloggers Design Contemporary Baby Nursery

Design bloggers Monica and Jess are helping a young couple redesign their daughter's nursery. With only a $300 budget, they stretch the limits and bust way outside the box for this renovation.
Chrissie and Kirk have had a busy year. They moved into a new house, got new jobs and had a baby. They haven't had time to decorate their daughter's room. However, they did paint the walls of her room a bright pink -- which they now regret! They are hoping Monica and Jess can transform the nursery into a modern space with a city loft feel with a $300 budget.

The couple would like to have more storage and updated flooring with a personalized high-end look.

Unfortunately, Monica and Jess can't afford to replace the hardwood floors in the baby's room so they decide to sand them down and paint them white with a colored stencil design. Kirk is not on board with this idea. Click here to learn how to paint your hardwood floors.

To give the room an urban loft feel, Jess installs faux-brick panels on the walls. It is a very affordable alternative to laying real brick. Click here to see how you can create the look of a brick wall in your home.

Jess has been searching for a piece of furniture that will give the couple the storage they need in the room. She finds an old dresser in the homeowner's garage that she paints different shades of pink. Click here to get a few DIY tips for upcycling a dresser.

With all of the big projects out of the way, Monica and Jess have a few small projects in mind to give the nursery the personal touches Chrissie and Kirk requested. First, they use embroidery rings in different sizes with a variety of fabrics to decorate a wall in the room. Then, they use wrapping paper to give the built-in shelves in the room a custom look.

When Chrissie and Kirk see the finished room, they can't believe the transformation! It truly looks like the high-end inspiration photos they sent. And, Kirk loves the way the floors look!

Monica and Jess break down the budget:

Refinishing the Floor:
$800 High-End Retail Price
$127 Knock It Off! Price

Brick Wall: $2,000 High-End Retail Price
$50 Knock It Off! Price

Boutique Dresser:
$800 High-End Retail Price
$30 Knock It Off! Price

Embroidery Rings: $43
Other Accessories: $49

Total Price: $299

Segment 1
Bloggers Face Makeover Challenge with $300 Budget
Bloggers Face Makeover Challenge with $300 Budget
Homeowners Chrissie and Kirk would like to create a modern and stylish room for their daughter on a $300 budget. After taking a look at the space and the couple's inspiration photos, designer bloggers Monica and Jess come up with their plan for the baby nursery.
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Segment 2
How To Paint Wood Floors
How To Paint Wood Floors
Some people would never dream of painting hardwood floors, but if you have ones that are really beat up and can't afford to refinish them, painting is an inexpensive and awesome option! Using a modern pattern is a fun contrast to rustic wood.
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Segment 3
DIY Ombre Painted Dresser
DIY Ombre Painted Dresser
Got an old dresser that needs some love and attention? Don't kick it to the curb just yet! Try out this ombre paint method for a fun, modern design that will give your dresser new life!
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Segment 4
How To Install Faux-Brick Panels on Walls
How To Install Faux-Brick Panels on Walls
Want to add some character and style to your home without spending a lot of money? Try adding faux-brick panels to your walls. They're easy to use, inexpensive and totally customizable -- three major pluses!
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Segment 5
DIY Embroidery Hoop Art
DIY Embroidery Hoop Art
Are you looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your walls? Use embroidery ring in various sizes with different fabrics. It will give new life to your walls!
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Stylish Baby's Nursery
Monica and Jess use their crafty skills to transform a nursery from blah to ta-da!
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Project Guide For Baby's Nursery
Get step-by-step directions and see detailed photos of the DIY projects from the contemporary baby nursery.
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