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Bland Basement into Global Vintage Space for Entertaining

Bland Basement into Global Vintage Space for Entertaining
These homeowners want a trendy, vintage-inspired basement for entertaining their friends and family. But with only $1000 and absolutely no furniture, can Monica and Jess help them fill the large space in style?
Homeowners Chris and Danielle have a huge basement that's essentially empty right now, except for a ping pong table. They'd love to transform it into a space to entertain family and friends, with a special place to show off Chris' beer brewing hobby. The couple's style is eclectic - they love inspirations from around the globe, but also vintage style. With a budget of $1000, and no furniture, can Monica and Jess help them define their style and create a great room for guests?

Monica and Jess love the inspiration photos the couple sent in and are going to use them to help Danielle and Chad hone in on their style. Based on the photos, the girls are going to help them create a trendy and modern space that has a global vibe and utilizes vintage inspired pieces. The space as it currently is has a very earthy and organic vibe to it that they will play up to and use to create the look.

To start, the designers decide to keep the walls as is and white, but will use pops of color and different textures in unconnected ways that will go along with their new style. In order to create the ultimate hang out space the couple desires, they are going to give the room two distinct zones for entertaining. In the larger part of the space, they have a large floor space that's perfect for a seating and lounging area. But with no furniture, Monica and Jess are hoping the thrift store has some funky finds that are fun and have a vintage vibe. They also plan on creating a large Aztec inspired rug which will cost much less than going out and buying a new one. On the other side of the room, Monica and Jess want to create a space for Chad that's dedicated to his hand crafted beers. They plan on building a bar and a wall that focuses entirely on showcasing Chad's creations!

After loading out the room, Monica and Danielle get started on a DIY project that will add a pop of color to the existing white walls in a very unique way. Monica purchases a large peg board, typically used for tool storage in a garage. After painting one side of the peg board a blush color, the girls start mapping out and drawing designs on the back that they will weave yarn into. They create really fun and simple geometric designs that will be easy to stitch and give off that tribal inspired look.

Meanwhile, Jess and Chad get started on a project that will allow him to showcase the fun and unique beer and wine bottles he has. To do it, they'll paint the wall behind the bar solid black and build shallow shelves so that they bottles can be displayed on their sides. They use inexpensive pieces of pine and a router to create a high-end look.

Next, Monica and Jess go to the thrift store to try and find furniture for the space. They are looking for a couch, some chairs and some art, but are really open to anything they can find that will fit within the couple's budget and vintage style. After finding a really cool accent chair covered in teal leather, they stumble upon a really unique piece that may be a better fit than your traditional couch - a vintage bench that looks like it used to be in an office or waiting room. They also find some great pieces of art for a low price.

While the girls were thrifting, Chad stained the bar top a wheat color and got the lucky task of hauling a thousand pounds of cinder blocks down to the basement that will function as the bar's base. Because a concrete bar could cost thousands, they're using cinderblocks to recreate the look for a lower price. They stack the concrete blocks to create the bar and leave some facing out so that they can put succulents inside them. Once the polished wood top is on, it will look amazing!

At the thrift store, Monica, Jess and Danielle purchased 4 basic and inexpensive stools, but they aren't exactly matching nor look high-end. So Jess shows Danielle how they will create their own custom bar stools that have a global inspired feel fit to match their new style, using fabric with an Aztec print design and faux fur.

At the beginning of Day 2, this earthy, global inspired basement is really starting to come together! Last night, they painted the wall behind the bar and some of the trim a solid black.

In the inspiration photos the couple sent in, there were large gorgeous Persian rugs and stacks of colorful blankets from Peru. But the cost for those items would be way over budget, so Monica and Jess find a way to recreate the look with a drop cloth and paint. After painting the cloth a blush color, they cut up some common house sponges into geometric shapes, dip them in different colors of paint and stamp them onto the rug. Tribal inspired patterns are extremely popular right now and are a great way to add bursts of color and texture to any space.

Anytime you look through high-end decorating magazines, you always see a decorated wall adorned with high-end art pieces. It looks really sophisticated and simple to do, but there is definitely an art to putting a gallery wall together! The first step in creating this gallery wall is to gather up all the prints and frames purchased at the thrift store along with various pieces of Danielle's own photographs. By placing the pieces all out in front of them, Monica and Jess can see everything they are working with and play around with the design. Once the pieces they want to use are finalized, they trace the frames with craft paper and cut them out in order to create templates to work with on the wall. The girls then take the templates and use painter's tape to place them around the wall in the pattern they desire before putting any nails into the wall. Once measuring where the nails will go, they tack them in with a hammer, rip off the craft paper and hang up the art. An easy and fast project that adds tons of personality to any space!

After kicking out Danielle and Chad from the space, it's time for Monica and Jess to add all their finishing touches and get the room all put together. Although the couple is excited about the space, they're worried about the budget.

When Monica and Jess reveal the finished look to Danielle and Chad, they don't even believe that it's their basement! The couple is blown away by how different the space looks. They love how the girls created a trendy look with both a vintage and world market feel and don't believe that it could have been done for $1,000.

The rug in the larger space was a super easy project to do and only required buying a drop cloth and some paint. To buy a rug such a large size with such intricate design could cost thousands for this space, but done DIY style, it only cost $65.

Monica and Jess also added a lot of unique and fun accents to the walls to give the space personality. The peg board project with the geometric designs cost only $21 and the gallery art wall above the TV only cost $75.

With no furniture to work with, Monica and Jess really had their work cut out for them with this space. To furnish such a large space with the vintage inspired décor they desired could easily cost up to $10,000. But by utilizing their thrifting and bargaining skills, Monica and Jess were able to get all the furniture and artwork pieces for only $457.

Chad especially loves the new bar area that displays all of his awesome collection of beer bottles. He loves the unique and artistic way they were able to display and showcase his own kind of art within the space. If Danielle and Chad were to have someone come in and pour a concrete bar into the space, it could cost $4,000. But by using cinder blocks, this swanky bar area was created with only $85.

What also makes the space a great place to hang out are the stools and tables added to the space. The stool project Jess and Danielle did was super easy and a great way to incorporate some unique designs. To go out and buy really unique bar stools could set you back $100 per stool. But by using thrifted stools and fabrics, this project only cost $35 all together.

Everything else seen in the room that added such bold and modern personality including all of the accessories, flair and paint came to a total of $251. For an entire furnished basement, it could have easily cost the pair anywhere from $5,000-10,000 if they went the expensive route. It was a hard task for the girls and certainly furnishing and decorating an entire large basement is not an easy task for only $1,000. Monica and Jess's grand total: $1,020. It's a Knock It Off first having the girls go over budget! But for an extra $20, Danielle and Chad know it was absolutely money well-spent!
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Designers Plan a Makeover for Bland Basement
Designers Plan a Makeover for Bland Basement
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DIY Aztec-Inspired Area Rug
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