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Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall from Large Print Photos

Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall from Large Print Photos

Use your existing pictures to add style and art to your walls. This cheap trick brings your photos and memories to life for a fraction of the cost. Get a few DIY tips!

Monica and Jess are going to let you in on one of their favorite trade secrets -- giant, engineer-sized prints! With them, we created a gigantic gallery wall that makes a huge statement without hurting our wallet! The gallery wall in this room could have cost over $1000, but this DIY project was only $46.

You'll need:
  • photos or prints to use
  • foam core insulation panels
  • staple gun and staples
  • spray adhesive
1. Choose and order the pictures you want to use. You could go with family shots, favorite sayings or even printable artwork found online. Make sure your images are high-resolution for the clearest picture possible and take them to any office supply store. Ask them to create engineer prints, which are often used for blueprints. Our pics were 4 feet by 3 feet and only cost about $7 a piece! You can only get them printed in black and white, which a gallery wall this size looks really classy.

2. Now we're going to mount the pictures to the 'canvas.' We chose to use foam insulation panels because they're inexpensive and easy to cut. Trim to the appropriate size. (If you want something already pre-cut, go with foam core from the office supply store. You'll pay more, but won't have to make cuts!) Cut your sheet of insulation so that your photo is 2 inches bigger all the way around.

3. Lay the engineer print over the cut insulation panel and fold back halfway. Spray with adhesive, lay it back down, smoothing out the wrinkles as you go. Do the same thing to the other half.

4. Now wrap the canvas like a present! Fold the corner of one side in towards the middle of the panel and staple into place. Continue pulling the print around the entire insulation board and staple into place as you go. A wall of gallery-wrapped canvases can be super pricey, but not if you do it our way!

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