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Creating a Contemporary African Influenced Room
Creating a Contemporary African Influenced Room
Tracy lives in a spacious condo with her boyfriend and two dogs. After living there for 10 years, she is ready to update her living room. She is hoping that Lisa can get rid of the wall mural and create a more comfortable living space with an African theme.
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Creating an Elegant Living Room
Creating an Elegant Living Room
Lisa Quinn turns a dull living room into a modern space with fun touches.
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Inspiration from a Designer Showcase Home
Inspiration from a Designer Showcase Home
Lisa Quinn visits the Marin Designers Showcase Home in Belvedere, California, for inspiration. She found a bedroom in the home by designer Cecilie Starin that is stunning and luxurious. Lisa plans to pull off the look for less in Julie's bedroom.
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Home with Lisa Quinn

The Host
Lisa Quinn is the host of Home with Lisa Quinn on the Live Well Network.
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DIY Garden Fountain

DIY Garden Fountain Water Feature
A backyard water fountain can cost $500 and up at a garden store, but here's how you can make your own for under $300 with this easy DIY garden project.
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Easy Smartphone DIY Gadgets
Love your smartphone? Here are two awesome gadgets you'll want and can make yourself.
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Essential Kitchen Tools

Essential Kitchen Tools on a Budget
There are so many kitchen tools and gadgets out there, so how do you know what's worth having and what will just end up being kitchen clutter?